Bill Hero offers families guaranteed annual savings on household bills

Bill Hero offers families guaranteed annual savings on household bills

A new platform has been launched to help Australians save hundreds of dollars on their utility bills, offering financial relief for struggling families and individuals looking to take control of their energy bills and save money, time, effort, and confusion.

Launched by a Melbourne-based company, Bill Hero, has come to the rescue with a new service which identifies savings opportunities and supports Aussies who need it most.

Once a customer has uploaded their electricity bill, Bill Hero calculates the potential savings and helps make the switch to a new provider. Then, Bill Hero monitors every future bill and initiates a new switch whenever new savings can be found.

How much can the customer save using this service?

At a special introductory price of just $49 annually, the service saves the average Australian household over $350 on the first switch – with a full year of bill monitoring and potential savings down the line too.

What’s more, Bill Hero guarantees at least $100 savings upfront – ensuring Aussies make great savings from day one.

“It’s an extremely difficult time for families and individuals all over the country at the moment,” said Richard Foxworthy, Founder and CEO.

“With thousands applying to withdraw their superannuation early, and astonishing queues at Centrelink centres across the nation, there has never been a more important time to save money on everyday expenses.”

“With Bill Hero, we guarantee every customer will save at least $100 on their first switch, or they can cancel and get their money back.

Our system covers publicly available plans from every retailer in the country – and the average saving per household is over $350. There’s never been a better time to use Bill Hero,” Mr Foxworthy said.

Unlike more traditional price comparison websites, Bill Hero compares the whole market and does not seek or accept any sales commissions from retailers whatsoever.

And unlike government comparison sites, Bill Hero helps customers make the switch, and then monitors every bill to make sure customers stay on the best plan.

Bill Hero launched in early 2020 and has saved an average of $350 for each subscriber on their bills. To find out more, visit here.