Craft beverage equipment suppliers merge under Lotus Beverage Alliance

John Ansbro, Chief Executive Officer of Lotus Beverage Alliance
John Ansbro, Chief Executive Officer of Lotus Beverage Alliance

Lotus Beverage Alliance, a strategic collective of experienced craft beverage equipment manufacturing companies, recently announced that it has officially launched; it is up and ready for business as a company. Six highly reputable and quality American craft beverage equipment suppliers have merged in a $100 million deal to create Lotus Beverage Alliance.

Who are the six members of Lotus Beverage Alliance?

The six merged companies, Alpha Brewing Operations, GW Kent, Twin Monkeys, Stout Tanks and Kettles, Brewmation, and Automated Extractions, are great at craft beverage equipment manufacturing offering essential infrastructure and tech for diversifying the beverage industry.

The five founders of the six companies will remain in senior leadership positions at Lotus: Matt Rennerfeldt, John Watt, Kevin Weaver, Josh Van Riper, and Randy Reichwage. John Ansbro, an industry veteran with more than 30 years of experience in equipment manufacturing, has been named and declared as the Chief Executive Officer for Lotus. Ansbro has held a wide variety of senior executive positions at companies like Alfa Laval, Johnson Controls, and the GEA Group.

What is the market offering of Lotus Beverage Alliance?

The combined capabilities of Lotus Beverage Alliance will enable beverage manufacturers of all sizes from across the country to access the most comprehensive array of products spanning every step of production of beverages for craft beer, wine, hard cider, spirits, and cold brew coffee, ready-to-drink cocktails, kombucha, CBD/THC-infused drinks as well as sake beverages.

Lotus Beverage Alliance brings these credible equipment makers in the industry under one roof to become the only end-to-end provider dedicated to crafting possibilities for all the beverage makers, from nationally distributed beverage purveyors to even the everyday craft enthusiast.

Lotus Beverage Alliance produces 1,500+ top-shelf products like turn-key brewhouse production equipment, 304 stainless steel conical fermenters, brew kettles, IBC totes, multi-capacity tanks, mash tuns, brite tanks, canning systems, automation, control systems, packaging, thermal processes, sanitation equipment, raw ingredient supply, parts, and more.

Beverage makers who select Lotus as their trusted equipment partner can expect:

  • Responsive and expert customer service
  • A one-stop-shop supply chain for all production needs
  • Ready-to-ship production parts and equipment
  • High-performance equipment with extended life cycles
  • Seamless equipment integration with several third-party brands
  • Opportunities for reduced operating costs and downtime through automation
  • Greater uptimes and efficiencies in production processes
  • Post-purchase technical and operations support
  • Proprietary purchase financing program with typical approval in 24 hours

Lotus Beverage Alliance offers extensive support for startups and scale-ups, including:

  • Brewing and Distilling
  • Quick Ship Equipment and Parts
  • Packaging
  • Automation and Controls
  • Extraction Processing
  • Beverage Production Support

In another industry first, Lotus introduced a proprietary financing program that offers clients cheap financing options, removing cost barriers for startups and small beverage producers. Credit approvals take about less than 24 hours to provide clients with maximum flexibility.

What is this business alliance offering their employees?

Following the $100 Million six-way merger, the Lotus Beverage Alliance ownership structure includes the founders from all the six businesses. Additionally, the Lotus Beverage Alliance has implemented an employee ownership program, at no cost to all the employees. Employee ownership has been extended to every single employee throughout the entire organization.

Research has shown that broad-based employee ownership programs generally improve aspects such as worker retention, reduce income disparity, and result in higher margins, as well as improved growth and operating efficiencies across a variety of aspects in a business.

The Lotus Beverage Alliance collaborated with Ownership Works in this employee ownership program’s creation. The Lotus Alliance merger was facilitated by Ronin Equity Partners, a New York-based investment firm with a long-term growth focus. Ronin is also an investor in Lotus.

What are the executive remarks about the Lotus alliance?

“Lotus has everything craft beverage creators need to produce the amazing artisanal products they love, for people who love them. Our team’s proven industry experience includes a deep bench of experts helping to optimize the production of handcrafted beverages for various consumers to enjoy,” said John Ansbro, the Chief Executive Officer of Lotus Beverage Alliance.

“What a bold and genius vision to pull together such well-respected leaders of each of their respective craft beverage supplier channel segments. The result of this strategic merger for craft beverage makers is sure to be exponential growth and continued beverage innovation within the industry,” said Banjo Bandolas, Director of Advertising and Sales at

“Lotus Alliance appears to be a first mover by creating a one-stop-shop for craft brewers and companies moving into ‘beyond beer’ products. I look forward to seeing where it evolves.”


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