Better That marketplace set to disrupt with price bettering, reverse auctions and charitable donations

A new online marketplace that lists over 380 retailers with access to over 250,000 products at unbeatable prices and featuring the most reputable brands has launched in Australia.

Better That platform includes unique innovative features that promise to make online shopping fun again, while also giving back to the community with every purchase.

Furthermore, Better That retailers will sell at prices at or less than what those retailers sell via any other channel. It costs no more to shop at Better That.

Better That’s innovations for the market

Better That innovates with the introduction of Better That SHOP, a global first where a significant percentage of every transaction is given to the Shopper’s chosen good cause. 

In Better That DROP, shoppers will receive bargains as they compete in reverse auctions.

And to cap this all off, Better That is seeking investors to join its disruption of online retailing via its OnMarket Equity Crowdfunding raise.

“Better That will be unlike any other online marketplace in Australia – a percentage of every sale will go to the Shopper’s chosen Good Cause, whether they be schools, sporting clubs, charities, or indeed any good cause nominated by the shopper.”

“We are proud of this and believe this to be a world-first. We’ll also soon have all the fun and excitement of DROP auctions. Our mission was to build an online retailing experience that made people stop shopping anywhere else,” said John Phillips, the Founder of Better That.

All products on the site are incorporated in one master database enabling quick and easy comparison of the same product.

Now, retailers, even those without a retail presence, can join the platform free of charge and tailor their product offers to shoppers, based not on guess work but on real time quantifiable demand, maximising their profit margins when compared to fixed discounting.

Any Retailer who stocks product on the website, that shoppers want, is guaranteed the opportunity to sell it regardless of the Retailer’s size, advertising budget or store location. 

Any sales made using the Drop Auction function, are instantly finalised thereby eliminating the scourge of cart abandonment and fixed price discounting.  More on that later! 

Better That’s charity drive

Better That’s decision to donate up to 25% of its net commission revenue to the Shopper’s chosen Good Cause was motivated by customer demand. 

68% say social responsibility is an important factor in their purchasing decisions, while 87% would purchase a product because it advocated for a cause they cared about.

The marketplace will launch with 50 of Australia’s most loved causes, like Beyond Blue, The Leukaemia Foundation of Australia, and Save the Children.

“Customers will be able to nominate their own community organisation to be onboarded for future purchases and retailers able to tailor offers to their chosen Good Causes. Onboarding more charities and community organisations also makes good business sense.”

“Good Causes can join the platform free of charge, have continuity of fund raising and magnify their fundraising outcomes, based simply on consumer spend. They’re also rewarded for bringing their donors to the Better That site, if those donors spend,” said John Phillips.

“Better ThatDROP is a feature designed to bring fun back to online retailing – keeping Shoppers on their toes as they compete in reverse auctions.”

“Many brands that hate publicising heavily discounted prices will also love this feature.” 

“If there are 50 dresses on offer from Ginger & Smart, a reverse auction will see shoppers compete for the best price as it drops over time – but only as long as the stock lasts. This puts the excitement back into online shopping as people endeavour to grab the lowest price.”

Better That’s business model is to derive a commission revenue from all retailer sales on its platform and to donate up to 25%, with a minimum of 10%, of its net commission revenue to charities and community organisations. 

Better That is targeting 0.3% share of the online retailing market in Australia within 5 years.

E-commerce sales in Australia are continuing to climb; the 2020 calendar year saw a recorded growth of 22% with AUD$38.8 billion in sales.

E-commerce sales are projected to increase at 8% pa over the next five years. Better That is expecting huge interest not only from Shoppers, but also from investors.

For this reason, Better That is providing investors the opportunity to own shares in the company, which will fund ongoing software development and commercialisation.

The share offer by way of crowd sourced funding will be managed by OnMarket, with intentions of raising $3 million capital.

Better That was selected to be part of the first X15 Ventures cohort for CBA’s Xccelerate 2020 program focused on start-ups helping small and micro businesses bounce back in 2020.