The best camera gear you can get for a smartphone [ULTIMATE GUIDE]

Over the last 40 years, mobile phones have vastly improved in size and functionality. The first handheld phone was affectionately called ‘the brick’ because it was large and clunky. In recent years, however, the smartphone has become high-tech and streamlined, with a rapid internet connection, tons of apps, and a fabulous integrated camera. You can also buy extra accessories to improve your smartphone camera; let’s look at some of the best!

Selfie Ring Light

Do you struggle to get good lighting when taking selfies with your smartphone? If so, then you need to invest in a Selfie Ring Light. Designed to be either clipped to the top of your phone or free-standing, this ring of LED lights will provide the perfect lighting for your photos or videos.

Try the Juice Social Clip-On Ring Light for an entry-level version for around £10. If you need a professional-level setup, you can spend several hundred pounds on products like the Lume Cube 12″ Cordless Ring Light Kit. Whichever you go for, a ring light will be sure to upgrade your selfie game.

Compact Photo Printer

If you love to print out your photos to put up around your home but keep forgetting to upload and order them, why not try a compact photo printer? These small, lightweight printers are easy to use and typically use special paper and ink to produce high-quality prints or stickers.

The Canon Selphy and Fujifilm Instax Share SP-3 are just two examples, but Kodak, Polaroid, and many other companies also have versions. With so much versatility, it’s easy to see why a compact photo printer would be a great addition to your smartphone kit.

Chest Mount

A chest mount is a harness that allows you to mount your smartphone to your chest, enabling you to capture hands-free video footage from a unique perspective. Chest mounts are often used by action sports enthusiasts to capture footage of themselves whilst skiing, surfing or skateboarding, but are also used by runners and cyclists for an extra level of security whilst out and about.

Many brands exist, but the Armor-X X10K Chest Mount or the Maclean MC773 Chest Strap are great options. Upgrade your video by going hands-free, and try a chest mount on your next adventure.

Digital Connected Camera

Wanting to travel light but unwilling to give up the quality that a DSLR camera provides? A digitally connected camera might be for you. Connect to your phone via the charging port, Bluetooth, or NFC and quickly view, edit and upload your photos.

Try out the one-of-a-kind DxO One Camera that connects via the charging port and gives you an instant view on your phone. Or maybe you are after something less fiddly with the Canon PowerShot N2 with its great connectivity. Simply connect to your phone and send across your photos ready to view, edit and upload on the go.

Camera Grip

Make your smartphone camera easier to handle by adding a camera grip. Designed to look like the hand grip of an SLR camera, it adds aesthetics and functionality. The camera grip often comes with a detachable Bluetooth shutter button so you can click away one-handed or take scenic photos of yourself from a distance.

Entry-level versions are widely available, including the Ulanzi Capgrip, for example. If you want a high-end unit with multi-functionality and optional extras, the ShiftCam SnapGrip products are among the best on the market.

Power Bank

Anyone who has used their phone for a long time knows that intensive use of the camera can quickly drain the battery. Battery drain is where a power bank comes in, as they hold enough power to recharge your smartphone several times over.

Power banks are useful for taking photos and videos and keeping your phone charged whilst browsing social media or playing high RTP slots online. To stop you from getting caught with a dead battery, invest in a power bank like the Anker Powercore 537 or the RAVPower RP-PB063 to keep your charge going all day.

Handheld Phone Stabiliser

When taking photos or videos on the go, it can be beneficial to have a handheld phone stabiliser to help make your video as smooth as possible. Your phone fits into the holder whilst you hold the handle. Then the gimbal and internal motors function to counteract any movement, resulting in smooth shots.

Some examples of handheld phone stabilisers on the market include the DJI Osmo Mobile 3 and the Zhiyun Smooth Q2. While videographers primarily use them, you might find them useful if you find it hard to hold your phone steady whilst taking photos or will be using it in windy conditions.


Unlike a camera, with its wide, flat base, our phones can be tricky to set up for timer photos. This ordeal is where a tripod can help you out. Simply fit your phone into the clamp on the top, and then you are good to go with directing your phone to the perfect spot.

The GorillaPod by Joby is a particularly versatile option, as its bendy and grippy legs allow you to attach it to different surfaces to get the perfect angle on your shot. Another more traditional option is a Manfrotto Tripod, with extendable legs and its smartphone adaptor allowing you to get the ideal height for your picture or video.

Lens Kit

Smartphone cameras are of incredible quality these days but still lack certain functionality due to being fixed lenses. Companies like Moment Lenses and ShiftCam have come to the rescue and produced a range of lenses that clip onto your mobile phone to expand the kinds of photos you can take.

The types of lenses include, but are not limited to, macro lenses, widescreen lenses, and fisheye lenses. Adding lenses to your smartphone would be a great place to start if you want to dabble in more advanced photography without investing in a full DSLR camera setup.


Overall, many camera accessories are available that can improve the quality and capabilities of your smartphone camera. Whether you want to improve the lighting, stability or versatility of your photos and videos, there is a camera accessory that can help you achieve your goals.