Bentley Systems acquires analysis software tools developer EasyPower

Greg Bentley, Chief Executive Officer at Bentley Systems

Bentley Systems, Incorporated, the world-renown infrastructure engineering software company, announced it has acquired EasyPower, a global developer of design and analysis software tools, including arc flash solutions, for electrical engineering professionals.

What does the acquisition mean for Bentley Systems?

Bentley’s acquisition to extend iterative power systems design and analysis for infrastructure digital twins of every type, broadens its comprehensiveness in infrastructure engineering.

With an increasingly electrified future and with disparate and widely distributed energy resources on both sides of “the meter,” all infrastructure assets will benefit – in performance, economics, safety and resilience – from continued simulation and assessment of power distribution conditions and designs over their project and operating lifecycles.

Following the acquisition of EasyPower, priorities for Bentley Systems will include integrating EasyPower’s schema and digital workflows with Bentley’s OpenBuildings, OpenFlows, OpenPlant, OpenRail, and Bentley Raceway and Cable Management applications. In addition, the acquisition of EasyPower initially adds 45 expert colleagues in North America.

Commenting on the acquisition, CEO Greg Bentley said, “All infrastructure projects and assets have power distribution systems, which are too frequently analyzed using unnecessarily complicated software that is disconnected from 3D/4D BIM and digital twin workflows.”

“By incorporating EasyPower within our design and modeling portfolio, and our iTwin Platform, we can help enable the distribution systems powering infrastructure to be more readily adapted to new imperatives for sustainability and resilience, while making electrical safety assurance more ubiquitous, accessible, and evergreen,” Greg Bentley further added.

What does this mean for EasyPower?

Since its founding in 1984, Portland, the Oregon-based firm, EasyPower, has innovatively combined graphics-based modeling and analysis in order to make solving complex electrical engineering problems ever more straightforward and accessible. EasyPower products are primarily used for designing, analyzing, and monitoring power distribution systems serving industrial and commercial facilities, to ensure safety, reliability, and regulatory compliance.

EasyPower Chief Executive Office Kevin Bates said, “We are delighted to be joining Bentley Systems at this point of inflection for electrical power in infrastructure, and in infrastructure digital twins. For nearly 40 years, EasyPower has been simplifying complex electrical engineering problems and helping our customers to confidently complete the job at hand.”

“Our purpose has been to make electricity more accessible, more reliable, and safer to use. Within and for Bentley Systems, we can now substantially scale up EasyPower’s reach – across the world, across infrastructure sectors, and across digital twin lifecycles!”

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