Behavox appoints Softbank’s exec Sasaki-san to Board of Directors

Sasaki-san, Board Executive at Behavox

Behavox, the security software firm specializing in communication surveillance, announced the appointment of Sasaki-san, Partner / Chief of Staff and Head of CEO office at SoftBank Investment Advisers. New board member Sasaki-san brings a wealth of experience in financial markets. Sasaki-san worked as Partner, Head of CEO Office at SoftBank since 2017, having first joined them in August 2003 after almost 3 years at Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi.

What does Sasaki-san appointment mean for Behavox?

For Behavox, clients are of utmost importance, and having the first Japanese board member is an important decision that highlights the commitment to Japan, their growing customer base. Sasaki-san joining the board is a clear sign of intent from Behavox, the commitment to growing their customer base and focusing on the incredible opportunity in the Asian market.

Behavox is doubling down on its efforts to improve Japanese language capabilities across translation, text and voice in ensuring cultural nuances are at the forefront of innovation.

Erkin Adylov, Behavox Founder & CEO, said, “We are delighted to welcome Sasaki-san to our Board of Directors, particularly as we are excited about the incredible opportunities in Japan, and with Sasaki-san’s experience of the financial markets, he is the perfect fit, and we’re excited to be taking this next step in both Behavox, and Sasaki-san’s journey together.”

What were Sasaki-san’s thoughts on the appointment?

Sasaki-san, said: “Bilingual employees will use other languages such as Japanese to conduct illegal or malicious activities, joining Behavox was an important decision for me, to ensure we are bringing in technology that is able to not only keep up with our cultural nuances but also a company deeply committed to providing a solution to insider crimes threats in Japan.”

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