BeautyHealth expands its in-store Hydrafacial treatments to Sephora

Andrew Stanleick, President and Chief Executive Officer at BeautyHealth
Andrew Stanleick, President and Chief Executive Officer at BeautyHealth

The Beauty Health Company, home to flagship brand Hydrafacial, has announced that it is expanding its strategic partnership with Sephora to provide in-store Perk by Hydrafacial treatments at Sephora stores across Australia by the end of the year. The new locations build on Hydrafacial’s robust presence in more than 500 Sephora stores in North America, as well as its Store of the Future in Singapore, where Hydrafacial joined as a launch partner in 2022.

What does this mean for consumers?

Consumers on 3 continents can now get in-store Perk by Hydrafacial treatments, a quickie Hydrafacial experience exclusive to Sephora. Perk exfoliates and hydrates, revealing glowy skin in minutes—perfect for makeup prep, monthly maintenance, or an instant pick-me-up.

Perk by Hydrafacial launched in 2020 as Sephora’s first paid skincare service in alliance with an external vendor. Since, the partnership has delivered impactful results for both firms. In-store Perk by Hydrafacial treatments drive foot traffic to Sephora brick and mortar locations, and Sephora reports higher average dollar sales from clients who receive the treatment.

Hydrafacial’s retail presence is a brand beacon, meeting consumers where they are with an accessible introduction. The retail channel attracts younger consumers seeking an entry point into aesthetics treatments, accommodates budget-conscious consumers looking for results without the full spa experience, and draws in the busy looking for just a quick touch up.

What does the partnership mean for stakeholders?

Sephora General Manager for ANZ Mark O’Keefe, stated, “Sephora is thrilled to be launching the Perk by Hydrafacial treatment in select stores in Australia. Providing a spa-grade treatment in-store ensures we are offering clients a hyper-personalized service and a retail experience where they are able to explore and learn across our extensive beauty offering.”

“Our strategic partnership with Sephora successfully brings together our category creating Hydrafacial brand with one of the retail pioneers at the forefront of elevated beauty experiences,” said BeautyHealth President and Chief Executive Officer Andrew Stanleick.

“With our expansion in Australia, the Perk by Hydrafacial treatment will attract consumers into Sephora stores, introduce a new generation to the Hydrafacial brand, and deliver personalized in-store experiences that delight customers,” Andrew Stanleick further said.