Bata selects Blue Yonder’s solution to help revolutionize its merchandising and replenishment planning globally

To achieve accurate product placement, Bata, a global footwear brand, has chosen to digitally transform its merchandising and replenishment planning with Blue Yonder, a leading supply chain solutions provider. The pioneering footwear brand will implement Blue Yonder’s SaaS-based Allocation & Replenishment solution to meet diverse client demand and business goals.

How will Bata leverage Blue Yonder’s solution?

Known for its extensive offerings, Bata sells over 150 million pairs of footwear every year and has a retail network of over 5,300 stores. Bata’s shoes are found in 70-plus countries across five continents. Bata was struggling with how to best allocate its products whether in its individual stores or commerce channels, so it turned to Blue Yonder. The solution will be implemented by Blue Yonder’s Global Professional Services. With this, Bata will be able to:

  • Improve the distribution of products according to customer need, taking the shopping experience to new heights.
  • Optimize its processes, streamline operations, and deliver products more efficiently.
  • Ensure fulfillment locations (whether stores or commerce channels) are proactively restocked.

Blue Yonder’s solution will empower Bata to manage merchandising strategies, inventory plans and distributions end-to-end. The result will be an optimized process that supports a faster, more responsive supply chain, driving better business decisions and responding quickly to changes in customer demand. Bata will be able to distribute merchandise, seamlessly connect with seasonal assortment plans and build an intelligent distribution plan over time.

What does the partnership mean for stakeholders?

Vince Beacom, Senior Vice President, Retail at Blue Yonder
Vince Beacom, Senior Vice President, Retail at Blue Yonder

“Bata understands the importance of meeting customer demands effectively. They needed a supply chain solutions provider that could meet their current and future retailing needs. Our Blue Yonder suite will allow them to transform how they allocate and replenish merchandise to meet their consumer needs,” said Vince Beacom, Senior Vice President, Retail, Blue Yonder.

“At Bata, we have always been dedicated to providing quality footwear, and this collaboration with Blue Yonder aligns perfectly with our commitment to excellence. Together with Blue Yonder, we will redefine our landscape, setting new standards in innovation, sustainability and customer satisfaction,” said Barbara Franceschetto, Global Chief Product Officer at Bata.

Learn more about Blue Yonder’s Allocation & Replenishment solution here.