Brisbane’s Basic Babe launches Boxtails to bring the party on the go

Cocktail lovers have a reason to rejoice as Brisbane based drinks company Basic Babe has announced the launch of their brand new low calorie cocktails in a cask; Boxtails.

Known for their delicious seltzers, Basic Babe has broadened their horizons with the highly anticipated launch of these one of a kind, guilt free cocktails available in three flavours. 

Basic Babe is an Australian made and owned alcohol brand and their new range of Boxtails are a welcome addition to their popular alcoholic sparkling waters in a can.

The Basic Babe Boxtail is the low calorie solution that Aussies have been waiting for, designed to take on the go, just in time for summer drinks. 

The cocktail range includes three mouth flavours

Raspberry and Lime Margarita

This raspberry and lime Margarita delivers a balanced flavour with the softness of the raspberries, contrasted perfectly with the acidity of the lime. 

Passionfruit Martini

The popular passionfruit Martini has had a makeover with the addition of passionfruit to make it even better than the original. 

Pink Gin Daiquiri

A spin on the Daiquiri with strawberry partnered with the freshness of lime and pink gin. 

Unique features of the Basic Babe cocktails

Adopting the same great taste and benefits as their alcoholic sparkling waters, the new Boxtail range is completely natural, 99% sugar free and with only 60 calories per serve.

Made with real fruit juice and real spirits, these Boxtails are the guilt free alternative to your favourite sweet cocktails. The new Botxtail range boasts 100% recyclable packaging, meaning they aren’t just better for you but also better for the environment. 

Basic Babe Co-Founder, Mark Collins commented, “For the first time in history, Millennials have surpassed the baby boomers as the largest consumer group.”

“These Millennials are seeking healthier alternatives and as such we wanted to create an alcoholic beverage that tastes just like their favourite cocktails, minus the calories.”

“According to data from the Forbes online Canned Cocktail Report in June 2020, today’s consumers still value convenience, but they’re looking for cleaner products that allow them to enjoy a few drinks, without feeling like the health and wellness tradeoffs are too onerous.”

“We are so proud of the Boxtail range that we created and are so excited for everyone to try them. Perfect for those hosting a party or for those in lock down to feel like they’re enjoying cocktails from a bar at home,” he added.

The Basic Babe Boxtails come in three uniquely designed boxes, featuring colourful drawings of the fruity tasting notes in each cocktail. This cask design is a fresh new take on the nostalgic Aussie classic, the goon bag, though much tastier! Available to purchase at BWS.