Barnardos taps SugarCRM’s solution to further its humanitarian mission

SugarCRM announced that Barnardos Australia (Barnardos) has selected its AI-driven CRM platform to help support vulnerable children and families, and with its overall purpose to ensure every child in Australia reaches their full potential, while helping to build and nurture relationships with stakeholders, including case workers, caregivers, volunteers and funders.

Why did Barnardos onboard SugarCRM’s solution?

Barnardos is one of the largest children’s charities in Australia, caring for children at risk of abuse and neglect. Since 1921, the organisation has been providing support through evidence-informed and research-based programs and services to break the cycle of disadvantage and create safe and stable homes. This last year alone, Barnardos helped more than 14,000 vulnerable children, young people, and their families to recover and thrive.

Having experienced expansion in the last six years, Barnardos now has over 800 employees and operates from 38 locations across New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory.

To consolidate and modernise its tech stack, improve data management, operational visibility, compliance, collaboration, and efficiency, Barnardos has chosen SugarCRM. The centralized data and information enabled through Sugar will provide Barnardos with enhanced reporting for government and non-government funders, and to satisfy internal reporting requirements.

As per the agreement, a next-generation content management system (CMS) strategy delivered in partnership with Sugar and Liferay will assist Barnardos with a digital-first approach to support current and future operational and practice requirements, and its growing portfolio of programs empowering children, young people, and families in its care.

What does this mean for Barnardos and SugarCRM?

Jason du Preez, Senior Vice President for Asia Pacific at SugarCRM
Jason du Preez, Senior Vice President for Asia Pacific at SugarCRM

Commenting on the partnership, Jason du Preez, SugarCRM’s Senior Vice President for Asia Pacific, said, “Barnardos is recognised for helping break the cycle of abuse and neglect and providing critical support to families struggling with some of life’s most difficult challenges.”

“By providing a true 360-degree view of its business operations and enabling a digital-first approach, the Sugar platform will make the hard things easier to nurture relationships, keeping the child at the heart of everything Barnardos does. By letting the platform do the work, Barnardos can stay focused on its vision of supporting children and families in need.”

Commenting on the partnership, Deirdre Cheers, Chief Executive Officer, Barnardos Australia, said, “Together, Sugar and Liferay will enable Barnardos to implement a common data practice that supports both the Safety and Prevention and Out of Home Care programs, reduces the number of applications in use, streamlines data capture points, and provides required data and information to our government and non-government stakeholders.”

“This will provide Barnardos with a single, unified, and powerful platform that improves decision-making and responsiveness to help us aid vulnerable children and families, while modernising the user experience for our carers and employees via a digital-first approach.”