Baraja rebrands for global expansion as it plans the next wave of LiDAR

Federico Collarte, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Baraja

Baraja, creator of breakthrough Spectrum-Scan™ LiDAR technology for autonomous vehicles announced the ‘new’ Baraja under its first public rebrand since coming out of stealth in 2018.

The rebrand comes at a momentous time for Baraja as it embarks on an ambitious global expansion, key manufacturing developments and a commercial deal partnership with Hitachi Construction Machinery and partnership with tier-one automotive supplier Veoneer.

This rebrand is symbolic of the next phase of growth for the company and what it brings to the table in terms of technology, influence and partnerships.

Baraja is now in the process of rapid scale-up to commercialize its leading-edge LiDAR technology with global partners in the automotive and manufacturing industries.

Baraja scales-up

Baraja has tripled the size of its team with employees in Australia, USA, Europe and China.

The team includes several key hires recently announced

“After achieving so many core milestones, we feel that Baraja has reached a critical transition point in its journey,” said Federico Collarte, Founder and CEO of Baraja.

“We are no longer a small team of engineers forging a path to a new world of LiDAR.”

“We are a global team of innovators, experts and industry partners who have seen how our approach to LiDAR has changed the industry and working on scaling to offer more impact.”

“The new logo is a representation of what clients look for in LiDAR, the best point cloud.”

The color palette is derived from the parula range that Baraja’s pointcloud is shown in, and the dot formation represents points in the pointcloud, mimicking the unique scan pattern.

Spaces between dots represent the approach Baraja takes to LiDAR with vertical scanning.

Baraja strikes deal with Hitachi

Baraja announced its first volume commercial deal for long-range LiDAR with Hitachi Construction Machinery, one of the biggest mining machinery companies in the world.

The partnership gives some of the largest mining operators global access to high-performance LiDAR systems to withstand the most hazardous mining environments.

Baraja worked with Hitachi to co-develop a LiDAR system based on the Spectrum-ScanTM platform, customized specifically for autonomous and semi-autonomous mining vehicles.

Baraja’s LiDAR sensor system was further validated when Veoneer, a leading automotive tier-one supplier, selected the company after testing 70 other competing LiDAR platforms.

“I am personally proud of the growth and success of Baraja over the past several years.”

“We continue with our customer focused mindset and look forward to watching our Spectrum-Scan™ LiDAR system help other companies achieve innovation and success.”

Baraja is building the future of LiDAR to enable the autonomous future. With its revolutionary Spectrum-Scan™ LiDAR technology, Baraja gives leading automotive companies a solid-state system in the fast axis that sets a new benchmark in precision and reliability.