B dynamic Logistics wins prestigious ASCLA Industry Excellence Award

Mal Siriwardhane, Cofounder and Chief Executive Officer of B dynamic Logistics
Mal Siriwardhane, Cofounder and Chief Executive Officer of B dynamic Logistics

B dynamic Logistics has won the award for Industry Excellence at this year’s Australian Supply Chain and Logistics Awards. The firm also received an award of High Commendation for Supply Chain Management. The Australian Supply Chain and Logistics Awards are the industry’s oldest and most prestigious awards, celebrating 60 years of operation this year.

What are the ASCLA about?

The Australian Supply Chain and Logistics Association of Australia, Australia’s largest network of supply chain professionals, has been hosting the prestigious awards for the last 20 years.

The awards recognise the achievements of supply chain and logistics professionals across Australia, celebrating excellence and championing collaboration, innovation and success. The awards are considered the country’s leading vehicle for the recognition and celebration of individuals and companies that have contributed to the advancement of the industry.

Mal Siriwardhane, Cofounder and Chief Executive Officer of B dynamic Logistics attended the awards which were held in Melbourne on Friday 4 November 2022. B dynamic Logistics is a leading Australian-owned third-party logistics company that provides logistics, warehousing and distribution services on a national basis. The business boasts small to large clients including Dymocks, Dettol, ALDI, Costco, Universal Music Group and many more.

What does recognition mean for B dynamics Logistics?

“We are absolutely thrilled to be recognised by industry leaders and our peers for our contribution to the sector. We put everything into what we do to ensure that as an employer, a service provider and an industry member, we consistently deliver the highest quality and most innovative outcomes wherever possible,” said Mal Siriwardhane, CEO of B dynamics.

“As a logistics provider we are only as good as our team – and we are blessed to have a wonderful team of talented, capable, dedicated, committed and passionate people who live and breathe our ethos of surpassing our clients’ expectations on a daily basis and consistently finding better ways of doing things,” Siriwardhane further commented.

“We are also kicking goals in areas of the industry that we are extremely proud of. While the industry’s workforce globally comprises two percent women, at B dynamic Logistics, 50 percent of our employees are women, and they also hold leadership and management roles.”

“We support and promote people who want to learn and be part of our incredibly diverse and exciting industry and all of the opportunities that come with it. These awards are for our people and their incredible loyalty and extraordinary leadership. Everyone across the industry knows how challenging the last three years has been living and working with COVID.”

“Our people have shown incredible resilience and fortitude in stepping up at a time when consumers were stepping down, working from home in their pyjamas, turning to online shopping to access basic essentials and all of their other household and business needs.”

“Despite the challenges, our people lifted, and we worked together to create and activate new systems and processes to ensure we were able to continue to deliver our clients’ products to their customers without interruption,” Siriwardhane further commented.

“Our industry-leading customer service timeframes and non-negotiable service deliverables remained front and centre as we worked through the maelstrom of pandemic challenges while at the same time continuing to innovate and invest in new technologies and customer-centric solutions to enhance our capabilities to deliver for our clients. I am grateful to our wonderful team of people; these awards are for you. Thank you,” Siriwardhane concluded.