Avaya Experience Platform launches in Australia and New Zealand market

Dino Beverakis, Managing Director for Australia and New Zealand at Avaya

Avaya, a provider of solutions to simplify communications and collaboration, has launched the Avaya Experience Platform (AXP) in Australia and New Zealand (A/NZ) to deliver flexible and productive hybrid work for employees and create seamless experiences for customers.

What is the market offering of AXP?

AXP is an AI-powered, contact centre-as-a-service (CCaaS) collaboration platform and a key component of the Avaya Experience Platform, which offers comprehensive workstream collaboration and unified communications technologies. AXP enables SMEs and mid-market organisations to boost staff productivity regardless of physical location, addressing the more than three quarters of Australian workers indicating a preference for hybrid work.

With AXP, staff can chat, video call and send files in one place, meaning they can work seamlessly before, during and after meetings. Also, clients can effortlessly reach staff through multiple channels, creating seamless interactions and preventing gaps in customer service.

The platform also allows staff to reduce their workloads so they can focus on interpersonal elements of customer interactions. With AXP, staff can deliver real-time information to customers with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) powered virtual assistants, and use skills-based routing to automatically match customers with the person best suited to their enquiry.

With built-in analytics and reporting, teams can also forecast customer traffic and allocate more employee resources or self-service options at certain times of day to meet demand.

AXP can be deployed across public, private and hybrid cloud environments, meaning clients can tap into benefits of the platform without an overhaul of their systems. For example, firms can complement a voice-only contact centre with chat, text and social channels.

What does the expansion mean for Avaya?

Dino Beverakis, Managing Director Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) at Avaya, said the launch of AXP has come at the right time as firms navigate evolving challenges. “Businesses across the region are tasked with retaining staff and customers amid skills and resource shortages, while making strategic business decisions against a backdrop of economic uncertainty.”

“AXP offers the simplicity of a single platform with everything staff need to do their jobs, and has the intelligence to predict and manage large volumes and types of customer queries. It also provides assurance around data compliance, a concern that is top of mind for business heads. With AXP, employees won’t have to revert to encrypted messaging applications to collaborate, and information is exchanged in a consolidated, secure environment,” Dino said.

Avaya Experience Platform (AXP) will also create greater choice and additional revenue streams for partners, by adding a communications platform to their existing offerings.

What does the expansion mean for Avaya partners?

Paul Bailye, CEO at ICT distributor and Avaya master agent, CommsPlus Distribution, commented, “AXP will enable our partners to offer a powerful and custom-designed contact centre solution that customers can deploy wherever they are on their digital journey.”

“With deep set of features and capabilities, our partners will create stronger and more meaningful relationships, allowing customers to improve engagement and productivity.”

Audrey William, Principal Advisor at digital research firm Ecosystm, said giving customer service agents the ability to access customer data and deliver omnichannel experiences through one platform will ultimately see a boost in staff productivity and retention.

“Our research has found updating content in real-time across channels and delivering personalised experiences are the biggest challenges organisations in A/NZ face when delivering omnichannel experiences,” she said. “Bringing it all together on one single platform for the agent will only result in a better experience for customers,” Audrey William said.