Avidbots autonomous cleaner used globally in the named best airports

Jeff Schrantz, Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing at Avidbots

Avidbots, a Canadian-based robotics company, is proud to highlight the contribution of its autonomous floor scrubber, Neo, to top winners of the 2022 World Airport Awards.

The winners were announced in Paris by Skytrax, an aviation rating firm. Reviewing over 500 airports, the annual survey evaluates a variety of traveler-specific topics, ranging from terminal comfort, cleanliness and hygiene to check-in, staff friendliness, taxi availability etc.

What is the market reach of Avidbots Neo?

For the second consecutive year, Avidbots Neo supports custodial teams within the world’s best and cleanest airports. Six of the world’s top 10 airports, including two of the top three, have deployed Neo, an autonomous floor scrubbing robot. The top two cleanest airports use Avidbots’ autonomous solution to streamline and improve their floor care operations.

Neo’s contributions were also present in numerous regional categories, including:

  • Five of Asia’s top 10 cleanest airports, including the top three (Tokyo Haneda, Singapore Changi, Tokyo Narita, Kansai, Hong Kong)
  • Europe’s number one and number three cleanest airports (Zurich, Paris Charles de Gaulle)
  • North America’s third, fifth and sixth cleanest airports (Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky, Montreal Airport, Toronto Pearson Airport)

“We are thrilled Neo is featured supporting the cleaning efforts of the best airports. Airports see the value of our autonomous floor-scrubbing robots, which deliver an efficient clean every time. Its use by the top airports on this list is a testament to the benefits Neo can unlock for the industry,” said Jeff Schrantz, VP of Global Sales and Marketing at Avidbots.

What is the product offering of Avidbots?

Avidbots has been revolutionizing the robotic cleaning market since its founding in 2014, recently launching the Disinfection Add-On. The sprayer add-on expands the functionality of Neo, offering customers the ability to autonomously disinfect high-touch, 3-D surfaces.

Powered by Avidbots Autonomy, Neo understands its operating environment and takes appropriate action to maximize cleaning productivity while minimizing human intervention.

Avidbots Command Center provides detailed reporting and performance measurement for monitoring, managing and tracking Neo remotely and in real time. Today, Neos are being used throughout the world in various high-traffic, dynamic environments including airports and transit hubs, along with manufacturing, warehousing, healthcare, education and retail.

For more information, visit Avidbots.com.