Aviation H2 seeks to disrupt global aviation sector with green energy

Glenn Llewellyn, Vice President for Zero-Emission Aircraft at Airbus

As the global race to decarbonize the aviation industry continues, a company has been launched in Sydney and could become Australia’s first hydrogen-fuelled aviation company.

Aviation H2 is revolutionizing the aviation industry by creating green hydrogen technology solutions to serve aviation applications in an attempt to cut global pollution. 

Liberty Energy Capital launches Aviation H2

Green hydrogen-powered aircraft and associated technologies have seen increasing global demand, in an industry contributing a significant amount of CO2 to global emissions. 

Aviation H2 will focus on the expanding demand for hydrogen use in the aviation industry.

Aviation H2 is owned by Liberty Energy Capital which is popularly known for being a staunch and reputable stakeholder involved with a wide variety of green energy businesses

They have interests in H2X Global, Sweetman Renewables Limited, Port Anthony Renewables Limited, Titan Hydrogen Limited, Infinite Blue Energy, and Verdant Earth Technologies.

The company has started a global search for a CEO and several executive positions.

As the whole world is turning to suastainable green energy, Aviation H2 is supporting advanced technical solutions that will play a pivotal role in decarbonizing the aviation industry.

Aviation H2’s business mission will be to empower companies through leveraging the latest in renewable hydrogen technology and help in the transition to a sustainable energy strategy.

Aviation H2 seeks to disrupt the aviation industry

A company spokesman at Aviation H2 said, “Hydrogen in the aviation industry could be used across commercial airlines, the defense forces, the cargo industry, and freight services.”

“Hydrogen is the future. It is viewed as one of the most viable options for decarbonizing the transport industry, which accounts for over one-fifth of global carbon dioxide emissions.” 

“As the race to net-zero becomes the universal standard among western governments, hydrogen is estimated to grow into a global market worth over $201 billion by the year 2025.”

“As western governments continue with climate impact plans to minimize carbon pollution, Aviation H2 will provide a solution for a sector that contributes 2% of global emissions.”

“Aviation H2 has been founded in order to facilitate the innovative efforts needed in harnessing the power of renewable energy so as to take the aviation sector into industry 5.0.”

Glenn Llewellyn, the Vice President for Zero-Emission Aircraft at Airbus offered insights.

“Cost-competitive green hydrogen and cross-industry alliances will become extremely essential in order to facilitate the implementation of zero-emission aspects in the aviation sector.”