SaaS optimization platform AvePoint awarded IRAP protected classification

Sash Vasilevski, Principal at Security Centric

AvePoint, the advanced platform to optimise SaaS operations and collaboration, announced that AvePoint Online Services (AOS); Cloud BackupCloud Governance, Policies & Insights and Cloud Records solutions were assessed against the Information Security Registered Assessors Program (IRAP) official controls. AvePoint’s platform and services were assessed to the security classification of PROTECTED, the highest level possible for a software vendor. 

Through the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC), the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) initiated the IRAP to ensure the highest standard of cybersecurity and information security assessments for ICT systems processing or storing govt information. In 2021, AvePoint partnered with The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) to initiate its IRAP assessment process to modernise and further automate the ATSB’s record management. 

What does the assessment mean for AvePoint?

This year’s assessment, conducted in partnership with Security Centric, validates AvePoint’s expertise in helping govt entities secure digital collaboration data while adhering to the highest standards of security and data protection. Over 230 govt entities in Australia use AvePoint to migrate, manage and enhance protection of Microsoft 365 and SharePoint data.

As Australian govt agencies continue to shift to and conduct business in cloud environments with modern approaches to digital collaboration, it is vital to implement the right policies and backup plans to mitigate risks and meet records management compliance and security standards, while empowering employees to utilise tools they need to do their jobs securely.

AvePoint’s data management solutions enable governance and compliance with the latest standards and regulations such as NAA, VERS and the Essential Eight Maturity Model. 

Jared Seminoff, Senior Account Executive at AvePoint Australia said, “The Australian Govt has shown an ongoing commitment to transition its workforce operations to the cloud by leveraging cloud-based collaboration platforms like Microsoft 365. As trusted partners of hundreds of public sector entities, the assessment shows our expertise in efficiently helping government agencies manage and protect their data in the evolving digital workplace.”

Why was AvePoint awarded the classification?

Sash Vasilevski, Principal at Security Centric said, “AvePoint has demonstrated good levels of compliance with most of the fundamental controls in the Information Security Manual (ISM).”

“They have a diligent security team and in general have good internal security policies and security fundamentals which have flowed into the AOS system. We were engaged to conduct their previous and latest IRAP assessments, and the results show AvePoint’s ongoing commitment to helping government agencies protect their data at the highest standards.”

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