Avaya helps new app Beyond Park digitalise the parking experience

Avaya and Australian engineering firm, InnerVision Engineering want to digitalize the parking experience and eliminate common frictions and frustrations faced by drivers globally.

InnerVision has deployed the Avaya Cloud Office by RingCentral communications to power real-time customer support for Beyond Park, its ticketless and cashless parking app.

Solving the parking problem

Darren Casha, the Founder and Managing Director at InnerVision Engineering is buoyant.

“The average Australian spends three months in their lifetime looking for a parking spot, and countless drivers have endured hefty fees after losing a paper ticket.”

“Beyond Park changes how people enter and exit carparks to eliminate these and the myriad other headaches we’ve all experienced.”

Developed in Melbourne, Beyond Park was created to eliminate the frustrations drivers experience when visiting carparks in shopping centers, airports, universities and other venues.

The mobile app gives consumers instant access to information for every carpark in supported locations, including venues that may not be partnered with Beyond Park.

Commercial venues that deploy Beyond Park gain access to an all-in-one parking solution with on-site software and hardware plus an Avaya-powered web portal and help services.

InnerVision selected the Avaya Cloud Office communications platform to support every exit terminal and pay-on-foot facility where Beyond Park is installed.

The secure, cloud-based software allows drivers who need assistance to use any intercom facility to instantly connect with the Beyond Park help desk, managed by InnerVision’s internal support team on behalf of its commercial customers.

How Avaya Cloud Office can help

Integrating Avaya Cloud Office into Beyond Park will remove friction and wait times at a car park while reducing operators’ technology hardware and maintenance costs by up to 70%.

Avaya replaces the analogue, on-site hardware and telephony at gates and pay stations.

“The app offers users all the information they need to ensure a stress-free parking and paying experience, while carpark operators gain the opportunity to provide a stress-free and personalized experience to attract new visitors and keep them coming back,” Casha added.

“Avaya’s solution completes Beyond Park’s experience and gives drivers instant access to an employee trained to resolve unexpected hiccups that may emerge as they go home.”

Avaya Cloud Office is a scalable platform with the ability to support the growth of InnerVision’s contact centre as Beyond Park expands across Australia and abroad.

InnerVision will also use the platform to introduce new digital channels, such as in-app chat and video features, for users, supplementing existing calling features.

InnerVision is also deploying Avaya Cloud Office’s comprehensive collaboration and workflow management capabilities to power hybrid and flexible work for employees.

Staff can call, message, file-share and more within one environment, which has streamlined team communications and bolstered productivity throughout multiple lockdowns.

Jeremy Paton, the Team Engagement Solutions Lead at Avaya also offered insights.

“Beyond Park represents a significant evolution for the parking industry. It delivers the digital customer experience that consumers have come to expect in today’s app economy, with Avaya in place to enable human intervention at the time it’s needed.”