ASX tech platform Automic Group acquires investor relations company

Paul Williams, Managing Director and Chief Executive Office of Automic Group

Automic Group, one of Australia’s largest share registry businesses, and Market Eye, Australia’s investor relations advisory firm, are pleased to announce Automic Group’s acquisition of Market Eye. Automic Group and Market Eye are completely aligned businesses, and as a result this acquisition has very strong and compelling strategic rationale.

What does the acquisition mean for both companies?

  • Delivers a world class fully integrated technology solution for ASX-listed companies that seamlessly combines share registry, board management, shareholder ownership and investor relations on a single cloud-based platform 
  • Creates a “full-service solution” to manage every aspect of their shareholder relations 
  • Market Eye’s senior leadership will join Automic Group’s Executive Committee, with Ronn Bechler, also appointed to Automic Group’s Board as an Executive Director 
  • Rapidly accelerates both firms’ growth plans. 

This deal will see Automic Group’s share registry, board meeting management, governance and professional service capabilities expand. It will include investor relations, media and communications, investor insights, and beneficial ownership data and analytics, through Market Eye’s heritage and reputation in investor relations built up over the past 15 years. 

Automic Group looks forward to welcoming all of Market Eye’s team who will continue in their current roles, with enhanced opportunities for future career development across the enlarged Automic Group portfolio. In addition, the Automic Group looks forward to welcoming Market Eye’s clients, who will benefit from the enhanced offering, seamless technology and deeper resources, while continuing relationships with their existing Market Eye teams. 

What were the executive thoughts on the acquisition?

Paul Williams, Managing Director and CEO of Automic Group said, “Today’s announcement of the acquisition of Market Eye marks a key milestone in Automic Group’s vision to offer the leading solution for listed companies that makes it easier for them to do business. I’m looking forward to welcoming Market Eye’s team to Automic Group, and working closely with Ronn and the entire team at Market Eye to provide unparalleled support to ASX-listed companies.” 

“The deal will further enhance our existing tech and services with the addition of Australia’s leading investor relations advisory practice, media and communications, shareholder meeting analytics and support, beneficial holder analytics and investor relations technologies. We are revolutionising the industry with our unmatched end-to-end technology and services offering that delivers considerable value to the management teams and boards of ASX-listed firms.” 

Ronn Bechler, Founder and Executive Chairman of Market Eye commented, “Automic’s commitment to client service and technology innovation, together with the quality of their people stood out for us. Automic and Market Eye are completely aligned in terms of the importance we place on business values, team engagement, and client engagement.”

“With Automic Group’s backing, we will be able to rapidly accelerate Market Eye’s multiple growth initiatives that will further grow value for the companies we support, many in the ASX300, as well as enhance career development opportunities for our team.” 

“Market Eye is the only investor relations advisory firm of scale offering advice supported by data, seamlessly blending deep market intelligence, proprietary IP and technology.”

“Similarly, Automic Group’s modern technology platform reduces companies’ administrative burdens, provides insights, improves efficiencies, and streamlines tasks with automation.”

“Given this, I am very excited by the growth opportunities I see for the two businesses combined, and look forward to working closely with Paul, Justin and the Automic’s board and team to deliver on the opportunities we see to create additional value for our clients.”  

What were the investor’s thoughts on the acquisition?

Five V Capital’s Justin England said, “Having invested into Automic Group late last year, we set out a clear strategy, that builds on Automic’s strong organic growth with strategic M&A. The deal has very strong strategic rationale, bringing together two businesses that are naturally aligned via a shared goal to deliver unrivalled client and team experiences.” 

We continue to see further growth opportunities for what Automic Group brings to the market and see the acquisition of Market Eye as a significant milestone in accelerating the evolution of the registry industry. The deal enhances Automic Group’s end-to-end offering across tech and shareholder services, and I look forward to working with Ronn on Automic’s board to create the most compelling shareholder services solution for ASX-listed firms.”  

This announcement from Automic Group follows the news of its next generation software release, which delivers innovative functionality to provide significant efficiencies further bolstered by strong team growth, senior hires and its unique proactive service model designed to support better outcomes for clients through intuitive automation.