More Australians take interest in metaverse, launch NFT products

More Australian artists, musicians and retailers are diving into the metaverse with the creation of NFTs that can be traded on secure Australian-based Etherium networks such as Recently launched blockchain social media and NFT platform has more creatives turning to it every day for a secure space to mint, promote and sell NFTs.

CEO of Lehmansoft, which owns, Raymond Chen said the platform was exploding with more virtual Australian content. is unique – it is a decentralised network that combines the best features of platforms like OpenSea, Instagram, Reddit and Twitter including advanced social media capabilities and a secure Ethereum-backed marketplace.

Why are NFTs an attractive niche all of a sudden?

Mr Chen said the metaverse was evolving rapidly bringing together the digital and physical worlds that were providing new opportunities for creators and retailers.

“Digital assets were thought of as a niche world for tech firms but more luxury brands are jumping on board and finding opportunities to innovate with new products in the metaverse.”

“NFTs are increasing in popularity as and famous brands such as Lladró and internationally renowned artists are turning to as a trusted space to create, mint and sell NFTs.”

Mr Chen said digital assets were opening up a world of new opportunities for retailers as blockchain and cryptocurrencies were becoming more mainstream. “ is a safe, Australian-owned and managed platform that is supporting retailers to explore the avenues.”

“NFTs provide a new way to interact with a brand and its products as well as create digital-first virtual products beyond physical stores. We are providing more options to help Australian artists, musicians and fashion brands take their first steps into the digital world,” he said.

What does Bulltalk do? is a new blockchain social media platform enabling the cryptosphere to engage safely and securely, share information and insights. Launched by software development company Lehmansoft, Bulltalk is a decentralised network that combines similar capabilities to Twitter, Telegram, Reddit and Open Sea into one powerful platform with advanced functions.

It is a platform with usability specifically designed for the crypto community. Bulltalkers can find and share blockchain and crypto-related news and trading insights, follow influencers, create private and public groups, host auctions and keep track of announcements.

Also provides a safe and comfortable networking environment for crypto enthusiasts, from beginners to sophisticated traders, to post multimedia content, share ideas about blockchain and keep abreast of crypto performance and trading insights. Crypto companies can also use the platform to release verified announcements just as companies do on stock exchanges.