Australian entrepreneurs primed for Proptech prominence with investment in Brisbane business hub

Brisbane’s property industry and associated technology cluster are primed to capitalise on one of the world’s fastest growing niche industries with the launch of the PropTech Pilot Program.

Delivered as part of Brisbane Economic Development Agency’s PropTech Initiative, the program aims to support the city’s property and construction industry through strategic partnering of emerging PropTech businesses with industry leaders.

Why PropTech investment is essential

More than $20 billion is invested into PropTech worldwide annually. 60% of those funds are captured in the Asia Pacific region, driving Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner determination to back local entrepreneurs in propelling their innovations into the market.

In just a short time, PropTech has boosted Brisbane’s real estate market with tech start-up companies creating and providing innovative solutions for the property sector. PropTechs are expected to grow fast. The program is designed to help them confidently enter the market to grow the sector and create exciting new jobs.

“Brisbane’s innovative capabilities are second to none and I’m confident that our local entrepreneurs will gain the know how to transform their ideas into products and services that will benefit the property and construction sector not only here, but around the world.”

“Our local property and construction industry will also gain an advantage as the first testers and users of this custom designed and solution driven technologies.” said Adrian Schrinner

Through collaboration between local universities, businesses and international capital firms, the Brisbane EDA PropTech Pilot Program will host a cohort of 11 local start-ups taking up an eight week residency at the Brisbane Business Hub. 

“At the residency these emerging start-ups will be able to work closely with industry experts on their pilot, ensuring it has the best chance of success of getting picked up and utilised by the property sector,” Schrinner said.

“Through tailored masterclasses, mentoring sessions and workshops, we are pulling out all stops to ensure these start-ups are real-world ready.” As one of the mentors at the residency, John Christian from Imani Technology said he was excited to see the emergence of PropTech in Brisbane and give his support to local start-ups.  

“Brisbane is a vibrant hive of activity for not just PropTech, but startup technology across the board. What better way to keep your finger on the pulse of the fast-moving PropTech scene while at the same time doing your part to both give back and learn from this community at the same time,” Mr Christian said.

The PropTech Pilot Program runs from 1 March to 30 April 2021.

2021 Proptech Pilot Program Cohort


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