Australian businesses and industry urged to join the Defence mission

Hon Matt Thistlethwaite, Assistant Minister for Defence of Australia

Australian businesses and industry have the opportunity to participate in the next generation of contracts to deliver base services around Australia and support Defence’s key capabilities. It follows the release of the Request for Proposal (RFP) for a fourth generation of contracts.

Which sectors are covered by the Defence mission?

Assistant Minister for Defence, the Honourable Matt Thistlethwaite Member of Parliament said, “The contracts covered multiple sectors across industry and represented an investment in the Australian economy of around $1.7 billion annually. Base services are essential enabling and helping sustain the Defence estate, its capability and every one of our people.”

“The services range from cleaning, waste and land management, hospitality and catering, to transport, access control and security. This is a unique opportunity for Australian industry to demonstrate their capability and commitment to the Defence mission,” he also said.

Who is the Defence mission looking to partner with?

Defence is looking for partners with aligned values and behaviours, committed to working as part of a team. “We seek partners focused on delivering quality services, enhancing the experiences of our people and providing confidence in standards and performance including sustainability and climate outcomes,” Minister Thistlethwaite went ahead to add.

“This includes a focus on maximising recyclable & recoverable content, renewable energy, minimising waste products & conserving natural resources. I also encourage small and medium-sized businesses, Indigenous businesses, social and veteran enterprises to consider becoming part of the supply chain supporting our bases. Base services provide significant employment opportunities, contributing to a strong and resilient domestic Defence industry.”

Current contracts for base services expire 2024. Industry can visit AusTender for more info.