Australian pioneering Browcademy’s record growth during COVID-19

Lana Tanek, Founder and CEO of Lana Tarek Eyebrow Specialists.

The eyebrow specialist, trainer and browtrepreneur, Lana Tarek, has experienced a 100% increase in registrations to her esteemed Browcademy as we emerge from lockdown.

Lana Tarek is a successful business owner and entrepreneur growing the brow industry through her booming academy. 

Why is Browcademy successful despite the pandemic?

“COVID-19 put a lot of things in perspective for many Australians, particularly women. It made women reconsider their current path, and evaluate if their career is actually filling their cup.”

“For a lot of people, they simply were not happy thinking that their profession was going to be their end game; rolling through the industry for the next 30, 40, or even 50 years.”

“These people walked out of lockdown wanting more for their lives – to be more creatively stimulated and have more control over their own career and finances,” Tarek said. 

“Women have emerged from industries, like banking and finance, to undertake courses at my Browcademy and establish their own businesses in the beauty sector.” 

“My academy teaches our students more than first meets the eye, going beyond the techniques and tools to being the best brow technician, to inspiring them to be their own boss, build a successful business and conquering the beauty industry.” 

“The beauty industry and the brow industry have opportunities for women to succeed. It’s a field where women have each other’s backs and we want to see each other achieve more.”

“There is no doubt why so many women around the country have re-examined their current career path and dumped it in order to pursue a fulfilling career in the brow world.” 

Lana Tarek is the founder and CEO of Lana Tarek Eyebrow Specialists, and leading stylist at her Ashfield-based studio where she is hailed as a revolutionary ‘browtrepreneur’. 

With over ten years of experience in the field, Lana has travelled internationally for clients abroad and refining her skills alongside the industry’s most prominent professionals.

What new trends is Browcademy teaching?

Now an expert in the field, Lana is dedicating her career to the art and geometrics of eyebrow shaping, and teaching the next generation of brow goddesses. 

“One should find mentors and teachers in fields they want to master. For people who want to pursue a professional career in the eyebrow industry, hone their skills and educate themselves on all things brow related, then my Browcademy is the ideal course,” Tarek explained. 

“In my workshops, my students receive intimate education from myself as a leading brow specialist, and hands-on training with live models under professional guidance.”

“I have mastered my signature method of microblading, which I proudly share all of my knowledge on in my educational courses.” 

According to Tarek, the Browcademy’s Introduction to Microblading Course is the most popular course, which is booked out months in advance. These two-day courses run every eight weeks, with an ongoing mentoring program over nine months. 

“Introduction to Microblading Course teaches the art of microblading.”

“It includes two days of theory and practical workshops, a take-home Browcademy training manual, covering microblading and an LT microblading gift pack valued at over $1500.”

“Each student has a guided practical application on a model to master depth and precision in microblading with strokes, and create hyperreal brows using the LT patterning method.” 

“I also offer an additional nine months of support along with a certificate of attendance to all of my students upon completing the course.”

“There are horror stories in the industry where women have learned the techniques of microblading and then been stranded without any ongoing support.”

“When students leave my courses they’re on a high and so excited to get into the industry; having the support of my team behind them, I wish every student success in the field.” 

“For business development, I do a presentation with every cohort of students on how to start your business and grow your social media organically.”

“With a combined social following of over 120 thousand people, I know first hand how critical the hand social media plays in building your business from the ground up is.”

According to Tarek, the Browcademy HD Lamination Course is very popular too. 

“The course is admired by students who want to learn a unique seven step, high-precision procedure that includes tinting, waxing, threading, plucking, trimming and tailoring, as well as the art of lamination that every brow artist should be able to perform.”

“HD brows and Lamination treatments can transform even the most sparse brows into full and fluffy perfection. The HD Laminations Course includes one day of theory and practical workshops that covers how to correct brow shapes.”

“Through setting hairs in the desired direction using the IBROU lamination systems with support and guidance from a qualified trainer and practical application models,” Tarek added. 

The team at Lana Tarek Brow Specialists prides itself on being the home of all things brows: from servicing clients, to teaching students, and selling eyebrow retail products and professional eyebrow equipment.