Aussies turn to equity crowd funding in lieu of gov’t support for startups

Dr Ali Karami, the Founder of NudeHerbs

The Crowd Source Funding (CSF) industry has continuously proved to be resilient and thus, increasingly popular for Australian small businesses and startups, especially in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic as more entrepreneurs turn to the rapidly growing sector to raise capital.

Birchal saw a 620% increase in successful crowdfunding offers completed nationwide in the June 2021 quarter, with about $18.7m raised from over 10k investors in 22 campaigns.

Birchal leads Australian crowdfunding

Australian crowdfunding platforms, for the year 2021, experienced a 125% growth on the previous year to $46 million, according to the Equitise Industry Report of 2021.

Since the year 2018, Birchal has successfully helped over 97 Australian businesses to raise over $65 million from some of their most passionate customers and investors online.

Alcohol brands, innovative food products and Fintech startups have continuously proved their ability to fare best in attracting funding online when they are deemed to require a boost.

Melbourne beverage brand NudeHerbs is expecting between $100k and $500k from superfans to help with a nationwide rollout through a Birchal campaign which is now open for EOIs.

NudeHerbs appreciates the Birchal experience

Dr Ali Karami, the founder of NudeHerbs and a food scientist expressed his optimism.

“NudeHerbs tonics are the first Australian health beverages made from naturally brewed herbs and flowers using recipes that I’ve been developing for over three years.”

“Raising capital can distract startups from growing their business but through equity crowdfunding options it’s easier to engage new investors and successfully fund a project.”

“In the pandemic I didn’t have funding options available to me from the Government.”

“As a new business, Birchal offered a team that specialises in crowdfunding, law, technology and equity markets so that I could focus on my clients and fast track my business plans.”

“I saw the success that other brands in the food and beverage category were having with their equity crowdsourcing strategies and thus, it was a no brainer to start the process.”

Equity crowdfunding is strategic for SMEs

Equity crowdfunding lets people put money into start-ups and mature private companies.

Unlike platforms such as Kickstarter or Pozible, crowd funding backers are facilitated towards successfully receiving shares in the company in exchange for stumping up cash.

“We are therefore genuinely excited about offering our network this opportunity as we continue with our mission to bring ancient wisdom and medicine to modern societies.”

“Disrupting the food and beverage market with naturally delicious and ethically produced products that create powerful results for wellbeing has always been our top priority.”

The campaign will run in two phases, including three weeks of EOI and 3 weeks of actual investment period, with each investment expected to range from $100 to $10,000.