Aussie’s environment needs urgent change, and it’s up to our children

Jon Owen, co-founder at GenUs

With the announcement of Australia’s state of the environment report telling a story of crisis and decline in Australia’s environment, considered to be in a poor and deteriorating state, it’s now up to our kids to save the planet. How? A plucky young start up called GenUs have created a platform to engage kids in climate change – via a gamified app, at school and in the home. This is the gamification of sustainability and the democratisation of saving the planet. 

Why must Aussies take action?

We have made a mess of the planet. In two centuries of industrialisation, civilisation has managed to do more damage than it had in two millennia. That planet earth is in peril is no longer a question, but a matter of fact. But there is a way we can stall the destruction, and even reverse it – we mobilise an energetic, passionate and ignored part of society.

This report has shown how urgent change is needed. The 2022 federal election saw climate change front and centre in decision making, and in a non-partisan way. Voters of every persuasion sent a message demanding immediate action on climate. The tide is turning.

How can GenUs contribute to the fight?

So where do these guys fit in? GenUs co-founder Jon Owen said of the platform, “We want to kickstart a generational shift, where we give kids the tools to look after their planet.”

“Knowledge is power – so providing the fun ways to grow that knowledge will improve critical thinking in the space, while making it more relevant to them. We developed GenUs so we could put the power to drive positive change in the hands of our kids – an online portal that not only encourages them to participate but keeps them engaged. No one else is doing this.”