One in three Aussie workers don’t believe their company has the right technology for hybrid work

Mads Frederiksen, APAC Managing Director, Templafy

Thirty five percent of Australian employees don’t believe their company have invested in and installed the right technology in order to support a hybrid workplace.

This is indicated in the independent research conducted by Propeller Insights for Templafy, on Australian businesses as hybrid working sets in as a ‘new normal’.

Navigating different folders, databases and tools to find the right document is not only tiresome for employees but also carries a high cost for organisations.

With workers losing an average of 4-6 hours per week tracking down information between tech tools, the impact on business productivity could top $75 billion. 

Templafy researches access to the right hybrid work tech

The research revealed that 37% of Australian workers say their company needs to simplify the technology tools and processes in place, with 25% employees feeling frustrated by having to switch between so many technology tools each day to complete their work. 

63% of workers believe that their company will adopt a hybrid workplace over the next six to twelve months. 30% believe a hybrid workplace will make it harder to manage information.

84% of Australian employees believe a hybrid workplace would be successful if their company invests in the appropriate technology to support it. 

“The pandemic accelerated digital transformation for a lot of Australian businesses, forcing re-evaluation of the workplace as companies were forced to rapidly change the way they worked.”

“A lot of effort has been put into finding the right solution that allows them to remain productive and internally aligned during the transition to a hybrid workplace.”

“The methods of working and workplaces have changed, with emphasis on flexibility and remote working,” said Mads Frederiksen, Managing Director, Templafy in APAC.

Templafy’s Business Enablement Report also found that the most common reasons why technology fails within the workplace include,

  • Lack of consistent use of the technology company-wide (58%)
  • New tools that don’t integrate with existing tools and workflows (57%)
  • Insufficient training (55%)

Overcoming employee productivity issues 

Australian employees require technology that is more,

  • User friendly and intuitive (72%)
  • Integrated into daily workflows (71%)
  • Company-wide so that colleagues from across the organisation can work better together.

18% said it’s harder to learn and use a new technology tool in a remote environment. Businesses need to invest in additional training for tech tools to support flexible working

Business enablement technology platforms like Slack and Zoom empower staff to improve their efficiency with applications and tools used daily to tackle workplace issues.

“It is vital to ensure the right technology setup is in place to support the future of work, a point which will remain the focus for some time to come,” Mr Frederiksen said. 

“Companies which adopt solutions with less software that enables a unified, efficient and pleasant working experience will be the ones who get to define the future of work.” 

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