Aussie Video-Disruptor Vloggi Secures New Strategic Investor, Boosts Core Team

Sydney-based video scale-up Vloggi announced the appointment of two new strategic team members to help drive its renewed growth strategy for 2021 as video consolidates its position on the throne of digital communications.

What expertise is Vloggi bringing onboard

Tarryn Myburgh joins the company as head of video and joins the board after becoming its third largest external investor. Founder and creative director of Sydney video production company TM Creates, Myburgh will be responsible for ensuring professional video production quality translates into Vloggi‘s automated video ecosystem.

She will also have significant input on the core product design, bringing her expertise of corporate video projects to the onboarding and user experience flow of Vloggi Studio, the self-service video production platform.

“Having worked in video for many years I immediately recognised how quickly the platform could not only create an entire video series, but also its potential for authentic, genuine video content.”

“I look forward to working with the rest of team to capitalise on what is an obvious market need as video cements its position as the dominant format on social media and for marketing communications generally” Myburgh said.

Vloggi is also pleased to welcome David Taylor-Smith into the newly-created role of growth marketing manager, where he will drive Vloggi’s partner-driven software-as-a-service (SaaS) business and help optimise the customer acquisition pipeline.

Taylor-Smith comes to Vloggi from Zeroqode, where he redefined and executed the company’s marketing strategy driving a marked increase in brand awareness, traffic and sales.

“Video is the hottest trend right now in content marketing and everyone in the industry needs authentic videos shot for their customers by their customers. The fact that Vloggi is a tool that makes user-generated video so effortless is a marketer’s dream.”

Vloggi is also now embarking on an ambitious growth strategy ahead of a seed round of capital raising starting in April. A core part of this strategy is in reaching the low-hanging fruit of corporations who need community or stakeholder engagement videos created at scale.

Crucial to this is to double down on the company’s inbound marketing strategy, initiated in late 2020. “Our clients are demanding greater and greater visual fidelity to their brand identities and Tarryn will ensure we are able to satisfy that demand” said Wastnage.

“And with a proven track record within SaaS marketing to businesses, David will be key to evolving our brand and search engine marketing efforts to better target customers serious about harnessing the power of video story telling.”

Vloggi’s functionality has been benefitial in many aspects

The Vloggi platform is available to teams wanting to create high volumes of consistent video using their customers, colleagues or clients as sources of footage.

The platform has recently gained customers including JAX Tyres & Autos, the New South Wales Education Standards Authority and JUCY campervan rentals, with several new high-profile deals currently in the late stages of completion. The projects using our platform since our relaunch in September 2020 have all come from very different sectors.

These projects have validated to us the need for organisations to automate sourcing video clips of their product in action by customers, to source soundbites from stakeholders and to engage their loyal customers, according to Wastnage.

Founded in 2018, Sydney tech startup Vloggi is the world’s first collaborative video production platform using AI to process, sort and annotate user-generated video for use by businesses and social groups.


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