Tech start-up humii launches, bringing mystery shopping into modern age

Andy Evans (left) and Lee Ritson (Right), Co-founders of humii

A conversation over the side fence between neighbours living in NSW – one a senior Deloitte software engineer, the other a seasoned tech entrepreneur – has led to the creation of humii, an online platform that combines tech with real human analysis across the entire online shopping experience so retail leaders have the insights they need to make the big decisions.

How does help retailers stay on top customer needs?

With over 5.5 million Aussie households shopping online in January1 and retail businesses continuing to grow their digital footprint, humii gives retailers a way to consistently measure their own performance plus track against competitors. To do this, humii collates data from real people and analyses its meaning, resulting in tangible revenue increases for its clients.

Touted as a challenger to the widely used market research metric Net Promoter Score (NPS), tech entrepreneur and humii Co-founder Lee Ritson says humii is bringing mystery shopping into the 21st century. “Having the information of ‘why’ customers are doing what they are doing, and not just the ‘what’ they are doing, is the humii difference,” Ritson comments.

“Through humii’s analysis, a retailer was able to identify the misspelling of their core product ranges when cataloguing product metadata. This error led to products not being displayed properly in search results, costing the retailer an estimated $200K in revenue for the quarter.”

“We have seen a shift in the conversion rate at the point of purchase of just 1% for a humii client equate to hundreds of thousands of dollars of extra income,” Ritson further said.

“We also know that 1 in 3 consumers say they have rejected a purchase because of unsustainable packaging; in today’s environmentally conscious world this matters and that’s why we evaluate the packaging materials used by retailers too,” Ritson concludes.

How does humii track online shopper experience?

It is centred around the humii score; derived by aggregating the analysis of people across online shopping experience which humii calls it’s ‘8 dimensions of Online Retail’ – covering Search & Discovery, Pre-Purchase Support, Checkout & Payment, Dispatch & Delivery, Product Evaluation, Returns & Refunds, Post-Purchase Support, and Loyalty & Retention.

Lovisa has already experienced the humii effect and are benefitting from a greater depth of understanding about their customer experience journey as one of humii’s first clients.

Lovisa Chief Executive Officer of Americas and Global Digital Trade, Edward Park said that, as humii is more than just numbers and charts, its insights allow Lovisa to view the customer journey in granular and personal detail, from initial search to engagement and retention.

“Given Lovisa’s focus in evolving to a consumer-digital first firm that provides seamless experiences, enhancing emotional connections and building kinships to maximise client lifetime value across the customer journey, humii has provided client perspectives,” Park said.

“Some areas of our digital business perform well, while others require attention – now we can pinpoint the latter clearly, with humii’s insights our brand is more equipped to exceed our customers’ expectations by shifting from a transactional approach to a frictionless, authentic and a more personal shopping experience in delivering the Lovisa difference,” Park concluded.

Why is tracking online shopper experience vital?

humii Co-founder Andy Evans, a former Director of Platform Engineering at Deloitte, explains there are many points along the customer journey where retailers can either delight or disappoint a customer – and what’s good one day might not be the next.

“A recent study revealed a staggering 49% of people have abandoned their shopping cart because the extra costs at checkout were too high. Humii’s real-time data shows us that retailers are losing a lot of money from online sales because of extra charges at the cart.”

“We were also astonished by how many opportunities Aussie retailers were missing out on to delight their clients. There’s much focus on getting clients through checkout but what next?”

“For example, many retailers outsource to sub-par logistics providers, or allow their support response times to drift out, or simply stick with the same old clunky returns process they’ve always had, without any concern for the impact this is having on customer loyalty. Meanwhile new competitors are walking in every day and eating their lunch!” Evans further commented.

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