Aussie startup Alt Saints banks on NFTs being the new Ooshies

With a unique concept in a crowded but stale breakfast cereal market, Alt Saints is a purpose-driven, design-led and quality food retail brand pledging 1% of revenue to support global grassroots environmental organisations, such as the Jane Goodall Institute.  

Alt Saints combines the power of exceptional design and factual storytelling in a model that reimagines the concept of the plastic, collectible, and tradable items that you might have received in your cereal box over the years, or in-store promotions, replacing them with NFT’s.

It is the first of its kind. Founder of Alt Saints and Maroubra-local, Charbel Zeaiter, has a background in user-experience design. He has worked with global brands such as Disney, Woolworths and NRMA to help them bring great digital experiences to life. 

What is the thinking behind Alt Saints?

With the cereal market in Australia worth $1.457 billion, Alt Saints started selling eco-friendly nutritional and tasty range of premium muesli and cereal direct to consumers, in purposeful and thoughtfully designed packaging with endangered species avatars.

This range is set to expand in coming months, with the addition of an exciting kid’s cereal range – that educates kids on endangered species in a fun and engaging way, encouraging them to do their part to ensure these species don’t become extinct. 

These breakfast ranges have gained immense interest from distributors and major retailers, as they offer an entirely novel concept, providing a breakfast with meaning and tech.

This will encourage Aussie kids to engage and learn over brekkie and crosses over into their digital world, allowing them to collect and trade digital NFTs rather than disposable trinkets.

Alt Saints’ Birchal campaign has attracted $153k from 142 investors in little over a week.

Charbel describes his NFT model as similar to a “golden ticket”, ushering in a new era in the collectibles craze, as well as pushing the boundaries of technology and artificial intelligence.

“The simplest way to explain what our golden ticket strategy is to imagine we are replacing disposable toys and trinkets with very limited-edition digital toys that have scarcity built into them, moving from the realm of the plastic to the digital.”

“The real value will take time to be realised but imagine your NFT having its own intelligence, knowledge about itself, an ability to teach other NFTs and viewers, and as open gaming takes hold, the ability to take your NFT into a game such as Fortnite as your avatar.”

“We are the first company in the world to bring food, content, media and NFT collectibles into the creation of a metaverse that entertains and educates people about the past, present and future plight of animals, rainforests and jungles, insects and oceans.”

“Beasts, trees, bees and seas is our tagline and they present an opportunity for us to grow content, tell stories and to trigger positive change for all living things”, he added. 

Beyond showcasing endangered species on the cereal box, Alt Saints has built an endangered animal map with animal avatars and facts, to help bring awareness to the sheer number of  endangered animals around the world.

As well as educating people on the emerging technology of NFTs, Alt Saints’ tagline is “beasts, trees, bees, and seas,” with the purpose of supporting local and international grassroots environmental groups making a positive environmental difference through their work.

Each collectable NFT will be a digital artwork of a critically endangered or endangered animal – meaning there are fewer than 2,000 alive in the wild – highlighting the importance of supporting and preserving our planet.