Aussie pet insurance company helps to reduce expenses on pet owners

Greg Mattes, General Manager at Potiki

Australia’s first pet insurance company to provide protection, support & prevention in one insurance premium has been launched with a pledge to make pet ownership more affordable while avoiding the shock of hefty bills & life & death decision if a pet suffers a serious injury. Sydney-based Potiki has put together Australia’s top insurance offer covering what most rivals don’t include but many pet owners need such as the cost of surgeries & dental illness cover.

What is Potiki offering pet owners?

Potiki provides lifetime cover from the age of 8 weeks & include ‘perks’ up to $599 in value – essential preventative health products like tick & flea treatments up to $400 in value a year plus the purchased policy, & a 24/7 vet assistance service VetChat, valued at $199 a year.

General Manager at potiki, Greg Mattes, said, “Potiki was established in response to the boom in pet ownership during the COVID pandemic and the fact that most pet owners do not take out insurance for their furry friends. The word Potiki is Māori and it means pet and youngest in the family, and more often than not, the fur baby is the youngest member in the family.”

“Unfortunately, most pet owners are unprepared for the unexpected when it comes to their furry family members such as an accident or a serious illness. Only 13% of Aussie pets are insured which means owners can face a stark choice of big bills or euthanising a pet if their pet is bitten by a snake or is diagnosed with cancer and they are hit with a big vet bill,” Greg said.

Why should pet owner insure their pets?

Mr Mattes said, “As well as the potential for an unexpected large vet bill in the event of an accident, pet ownership can cost an average of $2,000 a year with regular visits to the vet for treatments and check-ups part of that responsibility to the animal. At Potiki we believe it makes sense to reward pet owners with extras that help them with everyday pet needs.”

“We have done exactly that by offering non-insurance products alongside the pet insurance policy that a pet might need such as flea and tick treatments or worming tablets. We believe this innovation provides a more holistic and innovative approach for pet owners. Our policy holders also have the benefit of contacting a vet for assistance 24/7 with VetChat provided with their cover to get immediate assistance with their pet’s condition,” Mr Mattes added.

Mr Mattes concluded by saying, “Potiki together with offers $30,000 in coverage a year, including dental treatment, along with $599 in Potiki Pet Perks with a choice of excess. Potiki’s mission is to enable every pet parent to care for their pets equally, helping ensure the pets are healthy and well through the Potiki Perks personalised care packs and health essentials that proactively support pet health, while eliminating unexpected vet bills.”