95% of Australian nonprofit firms face barriers to growth reveals HubSpot

Julia Ford, Director of Nonprofits at HubSpot

HubSpot, the customer relationship management (CRM) platform for scaling companies, has announced the local launch of HubSpot for Nonprofits, to help nonprofit organisations grow better through specific resources, a network of nonprofit support and accessible pricing. 

The launch of HubSpot for Nonprofits comes after new research from HubSpot found that 95% of Aussie nonprofits experience barriers to growth – with cobbled software, multiple sources of data and a clouded source of truth being a driving force behind restricted growth. 

What is the market offering of HubSpot for Nonprofits?

Successful marketing is even more critical for nonprofits as these strategies build awareness for the firm’s cause and mission, drive donations and attract volunteers and supporters – ultimately scaling impact. That’s why HubSpot for Nonprofits allows eligible organisations an ongoing 40% discount on HubSpot’s software, as well as access to resources and support.

“This research shows that nearly three in ten Australian nonprofits aren’t using a customer relationship management. And of those firms that do use a CRM, is the understanding of its purpose known? While the sector demonstrates some knowledge of the different benefits of a CRM, nearly half (45%) of NFP leaders don’t really understand its purpose, creating an obvious barrier to growth,” commented Julia Ford, Director of Nonprofits at HubSpot.

“Of those nonprofits using a CRM, one of the biggest challenges they’re facing are ageing digital platforms that are disparate and locked into legacy systems. NFPs also generally have smaller teams and access to fewer resources. Nonprofit leaders are faced with the challenge of not just replacing these systems, but successfully supporting and enabling their team.”

According to global industry reports, implementing new tech and upskilling employees to leverage those systems consistently rank among the top 5 concerns for nonprofit leaders. 

“We know that technical solutions that leave the people who need to use them behind create more challenges than they solve. For nonprofit teams, a focus on ongoing education and support is critical. The process of adoption matters as much as the solutions themselves.” 

How is Fundraise Up helping HubSpot shake things up?

Fundraise Up is the leading online donation platform for enterprise nonprofit organisations and a HubSpot integration partner. They work with the world’s leading nonprofits across the globe including Mercy Ships Australia, Ronald McDonald House New Zealand, and UNICEF Aotearoa and see HubSpot as a valuable partner in generating revenue for charities and NGOs.

“HubSpot has done wonders for many of the charities by automating their processes, streamlining communications, and providing one central place to manage donations. We have optimised the online donation process for many of the world’s leading nonprofits but that means nothing if there isn’t a great place to manage all of that data and handle all of that donor communication.” says Wil Pope, Senior Technology Partner Manager at Fundraise Up.

Without being realistic about the cost of product maintenance and team training, the digital divide between nonprofits with agile teams who are well equipped with the tech needed to drive impact, and those that feel digitally left behind and overwhelmed, will continue to grow.

“HubSpot has long invested in firms that are providing impact, but we knew we could do more to support the unique needs of those organising, fundraising and driving change in our global communities. That’s why we launched HubSpot for Nonprofits, to help nonprofit customers grow better, run better and ultimately champion a better world,” concludes Ford.

To learn more about HubSpot for Nonprofits, head to www.hubspot.com/nonprofits.