AUCloud taps SentinelOne’s solution to help keep critical infrastructure safe

As cyber threats to cloud infrastructure continue to intensify, the hunt for modern security solutions that can be used to defend against them is on. And AUCloud has found one in SentinelOne. The Australian sovereign cloud provider has deployed the autonomous security firm’s Singularity Platform to keep its business operations and the critical digital infrastructure it supplies to some of the nation’s most trusted government agencies and enterprises safe.

How effective has the solution been for AUCloud?

SentinelOne’s native integration enables all internal security products to be monitored through a single console across a range of platforms, in the cloud and on Windows, Linux and Mac OSs – critical capabilities for AUCloud. Other benefits AUCloud has achieved include: 

  • Increased coverage across multiple operating systems
  • Enhanced visibility and security 
  • Reducing management and administrative costs

With SentinelOne’s innovative solution, AUCloud has been able to effectively secure its internal endpoints and infrastructure and ensure they are operating at the highest levels of security and efficiency. Based on its success, the company has begun offering SentinelOne’s Singularity platform, including cloud security, to its customers as a managed service.

What does the partnership mean for stakeholders?

Jason Duerden, Regional Director, Australia & New Zealand at SentinelOne
Jason Duerden, Regional Director, Australia & New Zealand at SentinelOne

Commenting on the partnership, Jason Duerden, Regional Director, Australia & New Zealand at SentinelOne, said, “There’s no greater endorsement than a customer choosing to offer the same solution it relies on to its customers. We are proud to be joining forces with AUCloud to improve the security of critical infrastructure and keep our nation’s people and data safe.”

“As a growing cloud provider trusted by govt agencies and top Aussie brands, it is imperative that we are able to quickly identify and respond to threats and mitigate potential risk. With SentinelOne, we have a comprehensive offering that gives us the visibility and agility we need to do this in a unified way,” said Peter Farrelly, Chief Information Security Officer at AUCloud.

“As a small and fast-paced team, the ability to manage cyber security across all our platforms through one pane of glass allows us to make better use of our staff, who are now able to focus on higher value tasks instead of monitoring and responding to alerts,” he said.

“We are seeing strong customer demand for market-leading security solutions offering data localisation. With its Australian data centre and ‘Protected’ Infosec Registered Assessors Program (IRAP) status, SentinelOne is raising the bar for cyber security, and together, we can meet these demands and help our customers take their security to new levels,” Farrelly said.