Asuria and Collingwood Football Club coach Melbourne job seekers

Employment services provider, Asuria and Collingwood Football Club are delighted to congratulate the first group of job seekers on their completion of the pre-employment phase of new initiative, The Magpie Next Generation Project.

80% of graduates are being offered employment with First Nations Traffic Management.

Designed to help Melbourne job seekers to find sustainable employment, The Magpie Next Generation Project is delivered by Asuria as part of the Department of Education, Skills and Employment’s Local Jobs Program.

Targets of the Magpie Next Generation Project

It will help job seekers in Melbourne, like the young, culturally and linguistically diverse, refugees, indigenous people and women to fill roles in hospitality and construction.

Local employers can meet and match with job seekers to fast-track them into suitable roles, with confidence having received valuable training and support through the program.

Collingwood FC was joined by John Holland, Frontline HR, First Nations Traffic Management, Australian Security Risk Management, Indigenous Civil Group and Rail Infrastructure Reliance.

Job seekers participated in two weeks of training and career development coaching, including understanding how to navigate the modern labour market, and key abilities for succeeding in the workplace, along with practical skills such as budget management and marketing.

As many of those job seekers now begin new roles with First Nations Traffic Management, the Magpie Next Generation Project will continue to provide an additional layer of enhanced post-placement mentoring for each of the new employees. 

Mentors will also be available to prepare job seekers for employment, assist in negotiating employment contracts and identifying and assisting with any personal or professional growth opportunities, working to ensure there is a 24-month plan in place with the employer. 

Students are selected for the Magpie Next Generation Pre-Employment Program by Asuria, with eligible candidates referred for consideration by a local employment services provider.

Job seekers interested in jobs and careers in Hospitality will be inducted into the program on July 16th, with new programs continuing to commence regularly over the next twelve months.

Implemented by Asuria, the project has been developed in collaboration with referral agencies, community organisations and training service providers to integrate training, work experience and educational material into the syllabus. 

Collingwood Football Club will provide support throughout the initiative, as well as granting access to its huge network of members and corporate partners with the potential to assist with the development and placement of job seekers emerging from the program.

Commentary about the Magpie Next Generation Project

Darren Richards, Project Manager at Asuria says, “It’s been a privilege to see so many highly invested stakeholders and businesses come together to give this first class of driven job seekers the tools and training they need to be successful in their job searches.”

“To the graduates, on behalf of Asuria, I congratulate you on the progress you’ve made and best of luck with the jobs and careers that we hope will be yours for the taking.”

David Emerson, Director of Stadia and Community, at Collingwood Football Club said, “We are very proud to partner with the Federal Government, and with Asuria, on this exciting project.”

“Our club aims to unite and inspire people through the power of sport. To help people who are doing it tough. We care for each other and for those in need.”

“We seek to make a positive difference in the community. The Magpie Next Generation Project gives us a chance to help and provide a pathway to sustainable employment.”

First Nations Traffic Management has committed to offering roles to 80% of the job seekers to emerge from the inaugural Magpie Next Generation Project intake.

Peter O’Brien, Director at First Nations Traffic Management says, “This is a great opportunity to come and work with people who have gone and put the effort in to build their confidence up.”

“We’re excited to be partnering with Asuria and Collingwood Football Club to bring this first group on board from the Construction course, with the potential to recruit even more motivated job seekers as the Magpie Next Generation Project progresses.”

Trevor, a participant who has already secured a job with Laverton-based Legend Logistics says, “I would definitely recommend the program to a friend or colleague, for sure.”

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This activity is funded by the Australian Government through the Local Jobs Program.