Asuria matches Ballarat Meat Company with job-ready locals

Australian employment services provider, Asuria has partnered with local family-run butcher Ballarat Meat Company for their recruitment needs, placing 30 job seekers into work over the last three years across various roles, including administration and pick packing.

How has Asuria helped them with recruitment needs?

A business with over 40 years of experience over three generations, Ballarat Meat Company is one of Ballarat’s staple family businesses. So, when owners Daniel and Leanne needed help building their team, they spoke with Asuria Employment Expert Brad Maxwell for assistance.

Brad started by getting to know the ins and outs of the company and its recruitment needs. He then identified and recommended suitable candidates that would be a perfect fit. When the first placement was a success, Daniel and Leanne continued to reach out to Brad for their recruitment needs, which according to Leanne, was the start of a strong relationship.

Commenting on the partnership, Leanne said, “We’ve worked with Brad from Asuria for over three years, and he has always been great. Asuria has provided suitable, job-ready candidates who match our needs. The candidates also fit really well with our team.”

One of Asuria’s most recent placements comes from a long-term unemployed candidate, Rachael, who has been a bookkeeper with the Ballarat Meat Company for five months.

Rachael, a Bookkeeper at Ballarat Meat Company

Rachael, a stay-at-home mum for 20 years, could not return to work after a traumatic incident. Having previously worked in administration, Rachael wanted to return to the career she loved, and when Rachael was ready, Asuria was in her corner, ready to assist her.

Brad and Mentor Tiarna set Rachael up with an interview, a new wardrobe, and even fuel vouchers to help her prepare, and before long, Rachael became a valued member of the Ballarat Meat Company team. “My job makes me feel happy, and now that I’m employed, it gives me a purpose every day. I feel great coming to work, and it’s exciting because every day is different, and I like the people I work with; everyone has been supportive,” she said.

Why has the partnership been a success?

A cut above the rest for their quality products and open-mindedness in recruitment has given many Asuria job seekers a chance to find meaningful employment and a fresh start with Ballarat Meat Company. Asuria and Ballarat Meat Company have been crucial in providing opportunities for long-term unemployed jobseekers facing barriers in returning to work.

While some have since moved on to other roles, employment at Ballarat Meat Company gave them a chance to return to the workforce and prove themselves while owners Leanne and Daniel continue building a high-performing team. Brad praises Leanne and Daniel’s approach to hiring as they focus less on experience and more on values and work ethics.

Brad (left) with Ballarat Meat Company owner, Leanne

“Daniel and Leanne are down to earth and always willing to give anyone a go if they have a good work ethic and attitude. They never judge and are great teachers to our candidates,” said Brad. Similarly, Asuria has transitioned multiple candidates into employment with other Ballarat-based companies, such as Henderson Mowers & Chainsaws and Nunn’s Dairy.

Since 2015, Asuria, has been matching candidates to the needs of the Ballarat, providing personalised, hands-on support when it comes to finding and retaining new employees.

Thanks to a strong network of employment consultants deployed across the city, offering tailored advice on how employers can market themselves to the in-demand talent pool, employment services provider, Asuria has delivered successful outcomes for over 2,618 employers, placing 3,295 job seekers into roles in Ballarat in the last eight years.

Tracing back to its roots in Ballarat since the 90s, Asuria’s presence across the Victorian city grew last year following the award of new employment services contracts by the Federal Government; programs delivered include Workforce Australia Services, Disability Employment Services, Self-Employment Assistance, ParentsNext, Transition to Work, and more.

What does success in Ballarat mean for Asuria?

Commenting on the partnership, Con Kittos, Executive Chairman at Asuria, said: “Drawing from our investment and experience in Ballarat and our large and diverse candidate pool, we are well positioned to understand and appreciate the unique DNA of the city and the needs of the hardworking business owners and employers who keep the local economy alive.”

Con Kittos, Executive Chairman at Asuria

“We want to partner with many business owners here to gain a detailed understanding of their business, as well as their current and future employment needs, and find them people who will do a great job, are the right fit for their organisation, and will stay with them.”

Asuria’s experts make it easy for Ballarat employers to access suitable, job-ready candidates by simplifying administrative requirements to access govt funding and removing agency recruitment costs. Asuria also supports businesses with access to wage subsidies that may assist with the recruitment and training costs of hiring a new employee, subject to eligibility.

Our assistance also includes providing job seekers access to appropriate work-related tools, licenses, and equipment to ensure candidates hit the ground running from their first day of employment. Before presenting candidates to employers, Asuria mentors, trains, and upskills candidates through government-funded pre-employment training programs.

Our partnerships with leading industry associations ensure we are able to understand the employer’s sector, the required skills, labour shortage factors, and workforce requirements while working with employers to understand and reach their diversity and inclusion goals.

For more on how Ballarat businesses can access Asuria’s services for free, visit the website.