Asuria and Acadiam matched job seekers with job opportunities

Alicea Shaw, Executive Director - jobactive at Asuria Australia

One hundred job opportunities were put on offer at a jobs fair in Western Sydney.

Leading employment services provider, Asuria, and Acadiam (formerly the Aboriginal Advancement Alliance), co-hosted the event giving job seekers the opportunity to connect with employers recruiting for roles in the Care, Construction and Business Services industries.

Taking place at Club Paceway in Penrith employers in attendance included some of these.

Jobs on offer included Apprentice Chef, Apprentice Electrician, Apprentice Plumber, Assistant in Nursing, C Class Driver Offsider, Civil Construction Traineeship,  General Services Officer, Hospitality Traineeship, Cleaner, Laundry Attendant, Housekeeping Service Officer.

Other job opportunities on offer included Leading Hand, Housekeeping Supervisor, HR/MR Driver and Offsider¸ Individual Support Carer, IT Technician, Lifestyle Assistant, Lifestyle Coordinator, Support Worker, Personal Care Worker, Removalist Offsider and more.

Job seekers who registered for the event in advance had the chance to undergo a pre-employment assessment to fast-track them to the most suitable employers and roles.

Asuria and Acadiam hosted 3 pre-event webinars to help interested job seekers to understand the opportunities in the Care, Construction and Business Services sectors.

Job seekers well catered for

Helping to create better futures and employment prospects for participants, Asuria and Acadiam ensured that all job seekers in attendance were given access to some aspects like;

  • On-the-spot interviews
  • Free advice from experts on traineeships and apprenticeships
  • Professional assistance on job and career goals
  • The potential to secure immediate employment.

Alicea Shaw, the Executive Director of jobactive offered additional insights on the event.

“This was a fantastic opportunity for motivated job seekers to learn more about jobs and careers in a range of vibrant industries and head home with a new job being lined up.”

“Anyone looking to get back into work or explore a new career path was welcomed to join us and find themselves waking up the next day with a whole new career ahead.”

Nathan Ross, the Director at Acadiam also said, “As the nation gets back to business as usual, this really was an exciting time for job seekers to bring their incredible energy and enthusiasm to a range of roles in which they have the opportunity to flourish.”

“They used the support on offer to take that first step on the road to a new career.”

Asuria has been delivering employment services for job seekers, employers and governments domestically and internationally for over 25 years.

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