Astor Investment Management taps FLX to expand its set of solutions

Astor Investment Management and FLX Networks announced their expanded relationship, signaling further adoption of new, innovative, and efficient models by asset management firms as the industry undergoes significant changes. Under this expanded partnership, FLX will now represent Astor as its full-service front-office distribution partner, handling responsibilities including national accounts, advisor sales and marketing, media, PR, data vault, and more.

Why did Astor expand its partnership with FLX?

The Chicago-based asset manager embarks on this deeper engagement with FLX to increase productivity, savings, and revenue, ultimately growing the firm known for its diligent analysis of economic data. The broader Astor team, including investment personnel, will remain focused on running portfolios that analyze data to cater to a variety of risk appetites and objectives. FLX will also have additional personnel in Chicago, co-locating at Astor’s HQs.

Astor Investment Management, founded in 2001, deploys multiple data-driven strategies, with its flagship being its Dynamic Asset Allocation strategy, which takes a macroeconomics-based approach to asset allocation using the proprietary Astor `Economic Index® (AEI).

FLX Networks will lend its holistic, complementary services to market this strategy and others to its deep network of wealth managers and financial advisors, with Astor integrating FLX’s full suite of comprehensive resources to realize a 360-degree front office solution.

What does the partnership mean for Astor and FLX?

Brian Moran, FLX founder and Chief Executive Officer
Brian Moran, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at FLX Networks

“In Astor and this expanded partnership, we have a prime example of the flexibility and scalability FLX offers managers, enabling them to ‘FLX-up’ when it makes most sense in a firm’s lifecycle. We look forward to working collaboratively with Astor to realize meaningful goals they have set forth,” said Brian Moran, FLX founder and Chief Executive Officer.

“As the distribution and relationship management landscapes further evolve, it has become clear that technology, data, and diverse types of communicating are necessary to enhance the financial advisor experience,” said Rob Stein, CEO of Astor Investment Management.

“We are excited to partner with FLX and their best in breed platform that leverages the experience of pedigreed industry veterans and creates a more efficient process. Our relationship with FLX will augment the existing Astor ecosystem, moving Astor further toward how platforms and advisors interact with managers,” Rob Stein further commented.