ASTN and GIS to bring industry-ready qualifications to sportstech leaders

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Global Institute of Sport (GIS) and the Australian Sports Technologies Network (ASTN) have announced a partnership to provide collaborative professional educational opportunities for Aussie sports administrators – to improve and accelerate their careers both here and abroad.

What is the mission behind the partnership?

ASTN, the leading industry body for sports technology and innovation, is committed to accelerating Australia’s sportstech industry by providing learning opportunities and supporting sports professionals to immerse themselves in the impact of innovation on the local and global sports industry, and to enhance their ability to compete on the world’s stage.

Central to this collaboration is the provision of access to industry-focused master’s degrees and professional education short courses to the Australian Sports Technologies Network network of world-leading sports tech organisations and stakeholders in the ecosystem.

Elements of Australian Sports Technologies Network’s existing portfolio of courses on innovation and sports technology such as its Pre-Accelerator and Open Innovation programs or masterclasses will be embedded into GIS’ enrichment provision for its 6,000 students and alumni from across the globe to learn from the sportstech innovation cluster in Australia.

Powered by a global network of industry leaders and elite stadium venues that include its iconic UK campuses at Wembley Stadium, London, and Etihad Stadium, Manchester, and stadium hubs in Miami, New York, Toronto and Melbourne, Global Institute of Sport programs are now available for Australians to study either completely online or in a distance with attendance format with a residential week in the United Kingdom, United States or Australia.

GIS has also joined the ASTN network as a Platinum Member to tap into its rich sportstech ecosystem. GIS and ASTN will work to provide placement and study tour opportunities for sports industry professionals to learn from their combined network of global industry leaders.

The Australian Sports Technologies Network will also hold a masterclass in 2023 on sports innovation to GIS’ executive partnership network and will provide support at the upcoming GIS Melbourne Sports Summit at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, where students will take part in a 10-day study tour to Australia during the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

What does the partnership mean for ASTN and GIS?

Dr Martin Schlegel, Executive Chair at ASTN

Commenting on the partnership with GIS, Dr Martin Schlegel, Executive Chair at ASTN, said “We’re proud to partner with GIS to provide enhanced industry-focused sport-specific learning opportunities to our world-class network of sportstech leaders. Aligning and integrating further education pathways for sports professionals is an important part of our strategy to enhance best practice, networking and capabilities of sports organisations.”

“Our partnership with GIS not only will help to showcase Aussie sportstech capabilities but also enhance sports admin knowledge and empower ASTN members and stakeholders to ‘connect the dots’. By linking up with other industry leaders in global markets, our partnership will facilitate new opportunities and global connections through the GIS alumni network.”

“The partnership is meant to provide better and increased opportunities for Australian sports administrators, not just domestically but also globally. On top of this, it will also facilitate enhanced learning and career opportunities for GIS students studying on campus in the United Kingdom and online across the globe, as well as for our executive partnership network across the EMEA, Americas and APAC regions,” said Sharona Friedman, President, GIS.

To learn more about the courses offered, please visit the GIS and ASTN websites.