Ash London launches podcast interviewing Supermodels to CEOs

After five years Ash London has wrapped up her popular radio show, ‘Ash London Live’ to launch her very own podcast, ‘The Ash London Podcast’, and in just a few short weeks, will embark on her own journey of motherhood, welcoming her first child.

A little bit messy, emotional, confronting and hilarious. The Ash London Podcast is the endless burst of honest wisdom every person needs in their life.

Ash London seeks to inspire with her podcast

Join Ash weekly as she attempts to figure out how to keep living her best life, while the world around us seems to be on the verge of impending doom (her words, not ours).

This is her journey from young and carefree radio host travelling the world to attend gigs, to new mum drowning in nappies, to whatever the hell comes next.

From pregnancy hormones to perineal massages, being a first-time mum whilst in the midst of a pandemic can be a puzzling time to navigate.

Then there’s the inevitable fears and questions around career, future goals and returning to work. That is why Ash has called season one of The Ash London Podcast ‘New Mum, Who Dis?’

She aspires to take her listeners on a journey of career, womanhood and transformation.

The journey is featuring a series of raw and emotional conversations with some of Australia’s leading women who have already walked the path of first-time motherhood.

Ash London inaugural podcast featuring Miranda Kerr

To kickstart season one of the podcast, ‘New Mum, Who Dis?’ Ash welcomes her first guest Australia’s sweetheart Mother, Supermodel and CEO, Miranda Kerr.

Miranda was born and raised in the small country town of Gunnedah, NSW, Australia and is one of the most influential faces in the world of fashion and beauty.

Businesswoman Miranda is the Founder & CEO of skincare brand, KORA Organics, mother to her three sons, Flynn, Hart and Myles and wife to Snapchat Founder Evan Spiegel.

Miranda is one of Australia’s successful female entrepreneurs, inspiring women globally. The episode dives deeply into Miranda’s journey of career, motherhood and friendship.

From her transition from supermodel to mother at 27, to how she found out she was pregnant with her first son Flynn, to her strong friendship with her five childhood best friends.

All while juggling her role as CEO of a successful international skincare brand.

Ash said, “I often walk away from interviews with a newfound love and appreciation for my guest, and that’s certainly what happened in my chat with Miranda Kerr.”

“It’s easy to forget how much she’s achieved in both her career and family life, and I left more inspired than ever to follow my own passions, even after the baby arrives.”

“Also, how the hell does one walk the catwalk for Balenciaga while pregnant?  The only walking (or waddling) I’ve done is to the fridge for more Gaviscon.”

“Bring on season one of The Ash London Podcast – I hope women around the country are as inspired by these incredible guests as I have been.”

Mother, Supermodel and CEO, Miranda Kerr


“I specifically said when I’m 27, I’m going to have my first baby.”

“And what was really funny is that on my 27th birthday I thought to myself wow you know I’m 27 and I remember looking back and saying that I’d always want to have a baby when I’m 27.”

“But that’s the furthest thing from my mind. Little did I know that I was some weeks pregnant.”


“I definitely worked my butt off, that’s for sure. I was working 6-7 days a week, and 2-3 countries a week, and I maintained my friendships from primary school.”

“There’s five of us and we’re still communicate daily via snapchat on a group chat.”

“They all came to visit us in Los Angeles before the lockdown to stay with us before lockdown and I made cool little t-shirts for us that said ‘Gunnedah Girls Come to LA’.”


“I remember I was in Paris at the time with Orlando and I did the test, and I was like ‘Oh my goodness, I’m pregnant’. We were so excited and this was such a life changing moment.”


“I mean I did try for the first three months to hide it, but I remember someone on a shoot was like… ‘are you pregnant’.  I was like ‘what? Me? Noooooo. What do you mean?’


“I remember Flynn, the day after Evan and I got married.”

“He came running into the bedroom, he was like ‘Is there a baby in there yet?’ He was like ‘I want another brother or sister’ and I was like ‘one day honey’.


“The amount of meetings that the babies have sat in on. Like he’ll set there when we’re going through all the financials and we’re like ‘OK Mr Spiegel what do you think’?”

And he’s just breastfeeding.

They’ve all grown up having their parents working with their own companies and that gives them a good understanding of the importance of work and also following your own passion.”

The Ash London Podcast drops a new episode every week on Tuesday and is available at ash.londonSpotifyApple Podcasts or wherever you get your favourite podcasts.

The following episode spot was graced by guest star Australian author, Liane Moriarty on September 17 discussing her new book, Apples Never Fall.