Action RPG gaming title Ascenders closes $6.4m investment round

Ascenders, the highly anticipated AAA action RPG gaming title, announced a $6.4 million private round co-led by Paramount Capital, Three Arrows Capital, Sino Global Capital, and Merit Circle, the leading investors in blockchain technology and gaming.

The investment also features prominent players in the blockchain ecosystem including DeFiance Capital, Blizzard Fund, Colony Labs, GuildFi, Momentum 6, Forward Analytics, Avocado Guild, ZeePrime, Snack Club, Layer X, Mintable and others.

Jackson Poon, Co-Founder and CEO of Legendary Foundry Games developing Ascenders, stated, “We are proud to have partnered with the largest players in the blockchain industry.”

“Our mission is to deliver top gaming experience with the strategic support from investors.”

Funds to expand Ascenders game developers

The funds will be used to expand the experienced team of game developers, allowing Ascenders to build what promises to be the most captivating Web3 gaming experience.

The team is currently composed of game developers with a proven track record of delivering work at top-tier studios, including Activision, Rockstar North, Ubisoft, and Electronic Arts.

Team members have previously taken up leadership positions for games including critically acclaimed titles such as Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto Series, Marvel’s Avengers, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, and many other globally renown AAA games.

Arthur Cheong, Founding Partner at DeFiance Capital, stated, “Ascenders is our bet on a next-gen Action RPG made by a team of passionate crypto and gaming veterans. We believe that a deep player-driven economy will truly unlock the potential of crypto gaming.”

Ascenders’ varied market potential

Ascenders will feature a sci-fantasy open world experience with a fully decentralized, player driven economy, empowering player communities and harnessing the potential of blockchain.

This makes the diverse investor base an ideal partnership, with the support from the guilds’ community expertise and blockchain veterans’ economic design.

“Ascenders has the experience and bold vision required to breakthrough in both AAA and Web3 gaming. With Avalanche’s Subnet functionality built into its core, its team is bringing entirely new features to users who are craving richer gaming experiences and worlds,” Lydia Chiu, Vice President of Business Development at Ava Labs, stated on behalf of Blizzard Fund.

The team at Legendary Foundry Games believes that combining solid AAA game development practices with revolutionary blockchain innovations presents the gaming industry with unprecedented opportunities for future growth.

Empowering the users through self-custody of in-game assets and the resulting organic economies will aid in building stronger player communities around Web3 gaming projects.

Ascenders’ players to choose a preferred economic lane

In Ascenders, players will be able to freely choose their preferred economic lanes at any time. Each lane has its own play-to-earn loop and rewards system, creating complex, lasting interdependencies between players and encouraging continuous trade in the economy.

Players will own all the weapons, avatars, and land they have earned as tradeable NFTs.

“We’re incredibly happy to announce our partnership with Ascenders. We strongly believe the team has what it takes to deliver a high-quality blockchain game and look forward to introducing our gamers to Ascension. Which path will you take? Explorer, Fighter, or Builder?” said Marco van den Heuvel, Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer at Merit Circle.

Legendary Foundry Games will be releasing events over the coming months to reward the earliest supporters. Interested players can follow Ascenders social media outlets listed below to get the latest information and be first to see what the team has been working on.