ARQ Group integrates MuleSoft’s solutions to increase productivity

Salesforce announced that Australia’s digital services provider ARQ Group (ARQ) selected MuleSoft to deliver automation solutions across the firm, to increase productivity, efficiency, and flexibility Working with Media.Monks, ARQ developed a four-phased approach to build efficient automation to streamline invoices, optimize onboarding and offboarding process, automate data processing and support integration with Salesforce and ELMO software.

What does MuleSoft solutions bring to ARQ?

ARQ prioritised building automated processes that could produce invoices directly from the CloudHealth platform to streamline operations. Using a manual process left employees dealing with data entry, causing pressure on the billing team to meet invoicing deadlines. 

ARQ has deployed a fully integrated solution enabling seamless interactions across platforms. The firm also ensured that the automation deployed would be cloud-agnostic, working across Azure and AWS platforms – freeing up considerable employee time to increase productivity.

Historically, the team completed all onboarding and offboarding processes manually, requiring significant time to sync ELMO data. ARQ Group staff also had to manually assign and remove permission controls whenever employees joined or left the organisation.

What were the executive’s thoughts on the integration?

“Data plays a vital role in our business; working across several platforms within and outside our control. We needed a solution that seamlessly integrates different services. By working with MuleSoft and Media,” said Josh Gelfand, General Manager of Operations at ARQ Group.

“We’re empowered to leverage integrated solutions that deliver the processes we need. We’ve transformed our onboarding and offboarding processes, freeing up our staff’s time.”

To increase speed and efficiency and transform its employee experience, ARQ deployed automated processes that reduce manual input and consolidate data between platforms.