Armis and TrueFort partner to offer clients improved IoT and OT security

Armis, the global asset visibility and security company, has announced a strategic partnership and integration with TrueFort, the lateral movement protection company. This collaboration empowers customers by enriching the discovery, understanding, and enforcement of security policies for IT, Internet of Things (IoT), and operational technology (OT) environments.

What does the partnership mean for joint customers?

Research found that lateral movement is used in 60% of attacks. This is a result of OT and IT environments being combined into one flat network. If security teams don’t have full visibility here, malicious actors can target both environments and move undetected between the two.

Together, TrueFort and Armis help customers to:

  • Discover all connected assets on the network, including applications, devices, service accounts, and infrastructure within a day using existing agent and agentless technology.
  • Understand workload behavior and map it to the applications to baseline normal operations, empowering users with full confidence in what to block, disable, and kill.
  • Enforce by account and action or push enforcement to host firewalls with the TrueFort or existing EDR agent.

“It’s critical that we operate securely in order to focus on our core mission: to bring efficient and sustainable climate solutions to buildings, homes, and transportation. Armis and TrueFort individually have been great partners, so this collaboration and the extended capabilities and services we’ll benefit from are exciting,” said James Powell, CISO, Trane Technologies.

What does the partnership mean for Armis and TrueFort?

Brian Gumbel, President at Armis
Brian Gumbel, President at Armis

“Customers have shared with us just how critical context is for them when it comes to understanding how applications are connected to specific assets, who owns these apps, and how vital they are to the business. This partnership with TrueFort enables us to put in place better security and segmentation policies to increase operational resilience and we are pleased to bring our combined expertise to customers,” said Brian Gumbel, President, Armis.

“Enterprises today have a great challenge to identify, document, map, and separate apps in a secure and controlled way with accuracy and integrity. This is common in critical industries, like manufacturing, utilities, healthcare, and financial services. Together, Armis and TrueFort can discover and map IT and OT environments that enforce intelligent policies to prevent unauthorized lateral movement,” said Sameer Malhotra, CEO and Co-founder, TrueFort.

The RSA Conference 2023 theme this year is, Stronger Together. The TrueFort and Armis partnership embodies this sentiment. This year at the event, both organizations will come together for a joint presentation. To attend, please visit Armis booth S-1127 on April 25, 2023 at 2:00pm PT. To learn more about Armis at RSA Conference, please visit the website.

TrueFort is a member of the Armis Partner Experience (APEX) program. The mission of this program is to build strategic relationships between Armis and its partners, and to foster collaboration to serve customers in the best way possible. Apply here to become a partner.