AREEA launches new tool to boost resource industry mental health

Tara Diamond, Director Operations of AREEA

Resource and energy employers can now effectively measure and benchmark their workforce mental health initiatives against best practice thanks to the latest solutions released by the industry’s peak representative group on World Mental Health Day.

What is the product offering of AREEA’s assessment tool?

AREEA’s Mental Health Maturity Assessment Tool provides employers with a platform for assessing their mental health actions and initiatives against industry best practice.

“We are proud to be launching the Mental Health Maturity Assessment Tool this World Mental Health Day to assist resources and energy employers to better understand and build upon their initiatives in this critical space,” Tara Diamond, Director Operations of AREEA, said.

“Mental Health Framework was developed under the guidance of our Mental Health Advisory Board and in collaboration with Beyond Blue, Safe Work Australia and other authorities.”

“The Tool pinpoints where firms are meeting best practice and where they can improve, by factoring in nearly 20 ‘activity areas’, such as across leadership, reviewing and auditing, stigma reduction, resilience and coping programs, and much more. It provides industry with a tool that isn’t about ‘ticking a box’ and reaffirming the work that is being done, but driving constructive and collaborative about where and how efforts can be improved,” Tara said.

“Key to that is understanding an organisation’s level of maturity is not static, but fluid, and that organisations will constantly be moving forwards and backwards depending on how quickly and effectively they react to different mental health pressures,” Tara further said.

How does tool work?

AREEA’s new assessment tool builds upon the Resources and Energy Industry Workforce Mental Health Framework, released in 2021. The tool helps employers to benchmark their actions and initiatives against the various levels of the Framework’s ‘Maturity Scale’.

Completing the tool involves responding to questions and prompts relating to an firm’s activities, capabilities and initiatives. The tool then auto-builds a variety of bespoke graphs and charts displaying results, including options for tracking progress against prior results.

Included are several additional resources to ensure employers get the most out of the tool, including an example presentation to executive management and/or board of directors.

“The Maturity Tool released today reflects the next step of development in these important employer resources. It provides a detailed, practical tool to aid in the maturity assessment process and to identify capability gaps and areas for further development,” Tara added.

“Looking after the mental health and wellness of employees is a huge focus for resources and energy employers. The initial response to this new resource has been overwhelmingly positive and we expect take-up to be very strong in coming weeks and months.”