Arborvitae secures national expansion deal with TerryWhite Chemmart

Brendan Howell, Director of Arborvitae Health and Wellbeing

Arborvitae Health and Wellbeing has announced a new partnership with TerryWhite Chemmart pharmacies, for Arborvitae products to be stocked across the pharmacy chain’s outlets.

Arborvitae Health and Wellbeing is one of Australia’s fastest growing supplement companies.

Brendan Howell is the Director of Arborvitae Health and Wellbeing, founded in 2014 and a family owned business producing the highly popular range of Arborvitae supplements.

Arborvitae excited to partner with TerryWhite Chemmart

“We are absolutely thrilled to announce our partnership with TerryWhite Chemmart to introduce our Arborvitae products to the brand’s community pharmacies across the country.”

“We are incredibly grateful to TerryWhite Chemmart for partnering with us to help make our products a staple in their customers’ shopping baskets,” said Brendan Howell.

“TerryWhite Chemmart is a perfect fit for our brand with their network of pharmacies providing professional services, health and wellness support to communities around Australia.”

“Commitment to ensuring Australians access quality and trustworthy health and wellbeing products are values which we live and breathe across all aspects of our business also.”

“TerryWhite Chemmart will be initially stocking our two main products – Arborvitae Joint Health and Arborvitae Health and Wellbeing Supplement (Blood Glucose and Cholesterol).”

“The partnership helps more Australians to access our products on shelf countrywide. This is very important for us as our brand continues to grow and more products are rolled out.”

“We have focused on formulating, testing and validating through independent clinical research, our health supplements determined to bring the best natural products to the market.”

TerryWhite Chemmart offers growth to Arborvitae

TerryWhite Chemmart is a leading retail pharmacy network delivering frontline healthcare to Australians with more than 450 community pharmacies across the country.

They are committed to delivering real chemistry to every community across Australia – ensuring every Australian has easier access to pharmacists and expert health advice every day.

The new partnership is expected to see Arborvitae Health and Wellbeing continue to increase its sales. In addition, the brand is looking at numerous overseas opportunities.

“Our business has grown quickly and organically through repeat business,” Brendan added.

“Our products contain Pycnogenol, a French maritime pine bark extract and other natural ingredients which quickly and efficiently re-set the immune system and reduce inflammation.”

“Many people take our products to improve their health and wellbeing, in particular, Arborvitae Joint Health, to ease the symptoms and pain associated with like osteoarthritis.”

“Osteoarthritis is one disease where Arborvitae can minimise the symptoms. Our customers report significant improvements in their osteoarthritis after taking Arborvitae.”

Research published last year concluded that Arborvitae Joint Health ‘may be an effective supplementary management in controlling signs/symptoms of mild-moderate osteoarthritis.”

“This includes a reduction in inflammation and, subsequently, pain related to osteoarthritis.”

“Participants in the study experienced a 66% reduction in pain test scores, a 50% increase in walking distance without pain, a 56% reduction in inflammation in blood tests (CRP), a 78% reduction in their use of on-demand medications and a 50% improvement in quality of life.”

“We know Arborvitae works and it helps to change people’s lives. Our new partnership with TerryWhite Chemmart will assist us to reach and help many more people.”

“Arborvitae products are highly trusted in the Australian market place.”

“The fact that we are an Australian brand made locally and have a strong commitment to using the highest quality raw materials and rigorous manufacturing standards are important factors retailers like TerryWhite Chemmart consider in determining whom to partner with.”

Arborvitae’s products are sold online and stocked in pharmacies and health food stores.

Exponential demand for Arborvitae products fueled by positive user feedback has inspired the company to implement significant expansion plans both domestically and internationally.