Apptio launches solution to help govt agencies accelerate cloud adoption

Eugene Khvostov, Chief Product Officer at Apptio
Eugene Khvostov, Chief Product Officer at Apptio

Apptio, the tech spend and value management company, made several announcements at its Public Sector Summit 2023. Apptio is focused on helping govt agencies accelerate cloud adoption and innovation, while optimising cloud and tech resources. The Public Sector Summit is an annual event by Apptio and produced by the TBM Council, aimed at increasing the public sector’s understanding and confidence in the value of their firm’s tech investments.

What is the product offering of Apptio’s solution?

Apptio launched Cloudability Government, a cloud financial management (FinOps) solution that helps public sector firms make data-driven decisions about cloud investments across all major cloud service providers. The entire Cloudability product family has achieved Federal Risk and Authorisation Management Program (FedRAMP®) authorisation, expanding the list of Apptio’s FedRAMP-authorised solutions and verifying their secure use in all federal agencies.

Cloudability Government is designed to enable planning and budget management while also intelligently optimising funds to reduce waste and increase ROI. Using real-time data insights, it equips teams with greater visibility of cloud and multi-cloud usage and the flexibility to control their IT spend—keeping organisations on track without sacrificing performance.

Federal Risk and Authorisation Management Program is a US govt-wide program that promotes the adoption of secure cloud services across the public sector by providing a standardised approach to security and risk assessment for cloud tech and federal agencies.

What does the solution mean for govt agencies?

“At the Department of State, we see incredible value in modernising our IT infrastructure, and trust in the services and vendors we use is vital to our ongoing digital transformation efforts. We’re thrilled to see Apptio invest in helping us better serve people by extending its FedRAMP authorisation to include Cloudability and are eager to have access to one of the best cloud management tools,” said Ken Rogers, Chief Digital Strategist, U.S. State Department.

The United States Secret Service (USSS) turned to Apptio to create fiscal transparency, formulate and defend their budget, automate reporting needs, and reduce effort for data calls. By leveraging an IT Financial Management platform and the Technology Business Management (TBM) framework, the USSS achieved results through the improvement of processes, a centralized repository of data, and a common taxonomy that TBM offers.

This helped the USSS increase their compliance for Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA) scores from 50% to 100% and raise the Department of Homeland Security compliance score from a D- in June 2019 to a B in the latest rating.

What does the solution mean for Apptio?

“Demand for effective cloud cost management capabilities has grown rapidly in every domain over the past few years, and the public sector is no exception. As federal agencies adopt cloud at a greater rate, it’s become increasingly crucial to offer solutions that are not only effective, but secure,” commented Eugene Khvostov, Chief Product Officer at Apptio.

“By adopting Cloudability, govt agencies gain unprecedented visibility into their cloud cost and usage, key insights to optimise cost savings, and market-leading planning capabilities.”

Toyan Espeut, Executive Vice President for Americas at Apptio
Toyan Espeut, Executive Vice President for Americas at Apptio

“Similar to the USSS at the start of their journey, the vast majority of govt agencies are facing disjointed processes to build cloud forecasts, leaving them to rely on ad-hoc planning methods, siloed data, and ill-fitted tooling,” said Toyan Espeut, EVP, Americas, Apptio.

“Over the past 15 years, Apptio has partnered with over 1,800 global customers to solve complex financial management challenges, so we’re motivated to share that expertise with the public sector to effectively help manage, budget, forecast, and optimise their spend.”