Approaching RUOK Day in the workplace with AccessEAP

Work is a key facet of modern life

Throughout the average adult’s life, we spend up to 4,821 days at work.

This year many have been working from home with all the challenges like juggling work demands, home schooling, isolation, long hours and uncertainty around when this will end.

AccessEAP assessment of workplace mental health

Entering lockdowns, it’s become harder to separate work from the rest of our lives.

Every day, many essential and front-line workers face high case numbers and associated anxiety, risk and fatigue that entails managing each day.

As the weight of the pandemic pushes down, small acts of support can help lift us up.

Whether it’s a corny joke from a co-worker in a morning meeting, a wave from a neighbour on your lunchtime walk, a thank you from someone or a text from a friend just checking in.

For most of us, interactions with colleagues each day are almost guaranteed, and these can be a vital tether for many people who may otherwise be feeling isolated or burdened.

In a tumultuous time when it’s hard to envision what the world will look like even a month into the future, the structure and routine of work can be a welcome constant.

AceessEAP advice on mental health

So to those home-schooling, missing their family and friends or just not feeling themselves. Let’s reach out and ask. R U OK?

If the answer is no, that’s ok. If the answer is yes, ask are you sure? Show that you really care.

Offer to listen, to help and encourage your colleagues, friends and family to check in with your Employee Assistance program.

It’s a simple question, but it can spark a life changing conversation. At AccessEAP, we are aware that employees are fatigued and reaching out may be yet another thing to do.

We have recently been proactively reaching out to employees on the front line.

Working with managers we have reached out and offered a wellbeing check in, a chance to debrief, to vent, or just to talk about what’s going on.

Employees have been responsive and expressed appreciation.

Dorienne Spennato, Clinical Services Manager, AccessEAP. She is a mental health trademark registered social worker with over 25 years experience.