Apiwraps is meeting Australia’s demand for beeswax wraps with ALDI

Freyja Tasci, Founder of Apiwraps

Australia’s original beeswax wrap company, Apiwraps, is celebrating its tenth year in business and starting 2022 on a high, as one of ALDI’s ‘Back to Work’ promotion Special Buys.

The Founder of Apiwraps, Freyja Tasci, said that working with ALDI in order to showcase her sustainable Australian business has been a hugely rewarding experience.

“As a partner, ALDI has been truly collaborative, and it’s exciting to see how they’re helping meet Australia’s demand for sustainable products, placed conveniently at the supermarket.”

“Sustainable living used to feel intimidating – like you have to dress your kids in brown linen and have an Instagram filter-perfect lifestyle – but small steps towards reducing your impact, such as reducing single-use plastic in lunchboxes make a big difference.”

“Packed lunches can mean more sandwich bags and they can be replaced by an Apiwrap.”

From ‘once a brilliant idea’ to ‘thriving business’

What started as a cottage industry back in 2012, with Freyja developing beeswax wraps to keep her veggies fresh has grown into a thriving business with operations in Adelaide.

When Freyja began selling beeswax wraps at market stalls in Byron Bay, she was inundated with interest and saw potential for Apiwraps to serve a gap in the Australian market.

Apiwraps is a genuine cottage industry business, developed on the kitchen table.

“In the first five years we were a niche product that was a little bit different, we gained a lot of attention because it worked so well. Then over the last five years Apiwraps have become an everyday part of people’s homes and lunchboxes.”

Collaboration with ALDI gave the business a boost and Australia’s ongoing demand for Apiwraps has seen them showing up in ALDI’s ‘Special Buys’ twice a year ever since.

As part of the Back to Work promotion, the Apiwraps beeswax wraps will feature beautiful Turkish-inspired designs created by Freyja, a nod to her Turkish husband Zafer.

“The wraps are colourful and fun – the kind of thing people will feel proud to have on display when bringing their packed lunch to work, or even just to add a piece of sunshine to their fridge when wrapping fruits, vegetables, cheese, meats and more.”

“I love Australia’s way of picking meaningful cultural expressions and celebrating them.”

“When I spent time in Turkey I just loved the mosaic work and attention to detail in ordinary spaces. There can be beauty in everyday routines,” says Freyja.

Apiwraps organic solution to keep your food fresh

Apiwraps create a natural second skin on your fresh food with pure chemical free natural beeswax and organic cotton. Beeswax makes a natural waterproof barrier sealing in freshness and breathing to maintain the natural vitality in fresh food.

It keeps sandwiches fresh and snacks protected and handy when they’re needed.

Freyja’s top tips for navigating the home-schooling and work-from-home life.

  • Make sure everyone gets up and has a good high protein breakfast; in our house this usually looks like avocado toast or eggs.

  • Make extra dinner and use leftovers as fillings for sandwiches or wraps – and prepare them during dinner clean up. Wrap in Apiwraps and keep them in the fridge.

  • Make snack packs of veggie sticks ready in beeswax wrap pockets for grabbing as soon as you hear ‘I’m hungry’.

  • Make a big fruit salad in a bowl ready to serve with yogurt – sealed with an Apiwrap for easy opening up and closing.

Apiwraps will be featured in ALDI’s nation-wide Back to Work Special Buys.