Aussie and New Zealand armies sign Plan ANZAC to bolster cooperation

Left to Right: Lieutenant General Simon Stuart and Major General John Boswell
Left to Right: Lieutenant General Simon Stuart and Major General John Boswell

As we approach Anzac Day, both the Australian and New Zealand armies will build on their history of cooperation with Plan ANZAC. The bilateral agreement is designed to increase capacity to operate together with a framework for engagement, enabling the two armies to exchange views and share situational awareness, capability, training and readiness.

What does Plan ANZAC mean for the armies?

Chief of Australian Army Lieutenant General Simon Stuart said this increases cooperation between the two armies. “Plan ANZAC builds on our significant history of partnership by strengthening our Army-to-Army relationships, enhancing interoperability, capacity, ability to support combat operations as well as joint capabilities to meet today’s challenges,” he said.

 “This partnership will see both armies better prepared to work together to support security and stability missions, and humanitarian aid and disaster relief operations,” he further said.

What does this mean for the region?

Chief of New Zealand Army Major General John Boswell said Plan ANZAC was a step forward for the trans-Tasman strategic partnership. “Our armies have a deep history of operational service, organisational cooperation, regional partnerships, and mateship,” he said.

“For more than a century, we have served our nations, supported global peace and upheld regional stability – together. We will continue to do just that. Plan ANZAC will reflect a broader defence relationship, one that is open, based on mutual respect and is enduring.”