Vyro, an Antler startup offers a virtual solution switch to an electric vehicle

Here at Vyro we’re on a mission to put electric vehicles (EVs) in reach of every Australian. We formed the business in August 2021 when we noticed that Australia is well and truly behind the rest of the world in its adoption of sustainable cars.

Australia’s transport sector accounts for 19% of our total carbon emissions. More than 1,700 Australians die every year from air pollution, caused by tailpipe emissions. And our country is becoming a “third world dumping ground” for old petrol vehicles.

So, we’ve set out to do something about it.

The simple fact is Australians want electric vehicles, they just don’t yet have an easy and affordable way of getting them. High upfront costs, long, stressful and difficult processes, and outdated auto-finance, are real barriers to switching to an electric car.

Vyro is offering a virtual digital product

Vyro is Aussie’s first virtual dealership solution for customers to switch to an electric vehicle.

Customers will be able to trade in their existing car (for a guaranteed price on the spot), compare and purchase a new electric vehicle, and apply for a Drive Now, Pay Later payment plan, a carbon-neutral home energy plan, and comprehensive car insurance.

All within 10 mins. It’s an easy, seamless, and delightful experience – 100% digital, with full transparency, and without the pressure of a dealership salesman.

In 2022 we’ll be bringing in a number of new electric car brands that have never been sold in Australia before. This will give Australians a lot more options for when they’re ready to go electric. Our Drive Now, Pay Later payment plan will help to break down the initial cost.

Our end-to-end virtual dealership solution will make it easy for Aussies to make the switch.

Meet the founding team at Vyro: Will, Tanvir and Tessa. We love cars, sustainability and giving Aussies transparency, choice, and access to world-leading EVs.

Gone are the days of high fuel and maintenance costs, high interest car loans, and stressful car buying experiences. Together, we’re going to turn the dial on electric vehicle adoption in Australia, and help achieve faster emission reductions by 2030.

Australia’s future looks bright

We’re here to accelerate electric adoption in Australia and make driving affordable, enjoyable, and sustainable. We will achieve net-zero carbon emissions in the transport sector, accelerate the shift to 100% renewable energy, and position Aussie as climate-change pioneers globally.

At Vyro, we’re starting with a business model that will boost electric vehicle adoption here in Australia. From there, we’ll then diversify into a range of different products that will enable our customers to make money off their new electric vehicle.

One of the products will be peer-to-peer car sharing, that will allow EVs to be accessed by a smartphone. Another product, is the future of energy arbitrage, as it’ll enable customers to charge and discharge batteries at the right time, making them money and stabilising the grid.