AntChain launches solution to protect creators from copyright infringement

AntChain, the flagship tech brand of Ant Group, launched a new video copy detection solution to help make copyright protection tech more efficient and accessible to content creators.

How does AntChain work?

With the developed algorithms, AntChain’s solution can identify and localize infringements in video segments that are difficult to detect by the human eye. The solution can accurately detect copied segment pairs between videos frame-by-frame within a few seconds.

In 2020, AntChain unveiled its blockchain-based digital copyright services platform, which enabled content creators to authenticate and verify a variety of original works, like videos, audios and pictures. With the release of the video copy detection solution, the platform provides creators additional capabilities to protect themselves from copyright infringements.

What is the market potential of AntChain?

“The new solution has an about 99% chance of accurately detecting copied video segments with different transformations, including video clipping and pattern (text/image) insertion, among others. Our solution will make copyright protection tech more accessible to content creators and IP owners,” said Hui XU, Vice President of Digital Technologies at Ant Group.

Online copyright infringement remains a problem for creators worldwide. According to a recent study from the Global Innovation Policy Center, digital video piracy is responsible for least US$29.2 billion in lost revenue to the United States economy each year.

As of March 2022, the AntChain-powered digital copyright platform has supported more than one million content creators and helped protect over 80 million original works.