Anoushka Gungadin joins pioneer AI coaching, GetMee as a Director

Experienced CEO, cross border executive, and international board director, Anoushka Gungadin has joined pioneering communication coaching business based on AI technology. 

Together with many investors in its first week, founder and CEO of GetMee, Balendran Thavarajah, said that Ms Gungadin’s joining to bring her expertise on the topics of cultural intelligence, inclusive leadership and future of work aligns perfectly with GetMee’s vision.

He said that her international experience over the past 20 years across Australia, Asia, Europe and Africa will be valuable as the organisation expands globally over the next 12 months. 

Comments on Anoushka Gungadin joining GetMee

“The work GetMee is doing is very important for employees and businesses to maintain their communication and connectivity across situations in a time when non-verbal communication cues are being eroded in the remote and virtual world we are operating in,” said Ms Gungadin.

Mr Thavarajah said, “Her experience as Non-executive Director on the Boards of Anglo-African Investments, a fin-tech group of companies and for Allevi8, a digital health tech for mental health and wellbeing at work, makes us honoured to have Anoushka join GetMee.”

“Some of the effects of COVID-19 and the lockdown have created a stronger need for a tool like GetMee, as the pandemic has resulted in the erosion of communication as we know it.”

According to Mr Thavarajah, holding meetings over Zoom changes certain dynamics that would affect the flow of conversation we would normally have within an office. Distractions off camera may throw participants off their usual communication techniques.  

”Participants may stop giving eye contact with others in a Zoom meeting because this is not as easily detectible, and may look at other open pages on their computer screen instead.”

“Distractions like this may result in a break-down of the participants’ listening and paying attention, and therefore less information from the meeting is retained as a result.”

“There are other differences during these meetings that are yet to be researpched and may be far-reaching beyond the lockdown, as Zoom meetings become normal,” he said.

GetMee set to harness Anoushka Gungadin’s experience

Ms Gungadin’s presence at GetMee, to support communication skills is a blessing.

She was the inaugural CEO of the Australia India Chamber of Commerce and the former CEO of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Australia-Vic, preceded by more than 10 years heading up finance and client department for China offices for the International French law firm, Gide.

Ms Gungadin’s extensive experience includes her work, training and advisory with global brands including l’Oreal, UNESCO, and Mondelez and she is also an MBA lecturer with Kaplan Business School on the subject of cultural intelligence, emotional intelligence and diversity.

Furthermore, as a researcher and author on leadership, Ms Gungadin is currently working on her book, Cultural Intelligence, the future currency of the smart leaders; a topic she is guaranteed to share practical knowledge on with the GetMee team.

She is an economist and professional in the legal industry, holds an MBA from Melbourne Business School and an Associate Certified Coach of the International Coach Federation.

Ms Gungadin will advise with her expertise and understanding of communication trends and insights in the cultural market with changing demographics and emerging economics.

“Anoushka brings her vast experience and knowledge of the importance of inter and cross-cultural communication and how it adds value to the principles of the GetMee platform.”

“Our AI tool is based very much on improving verbal and non-verbal communication ability and Anoushka’s presence will be able to assist in that direction,” he explained.

Communication and personal development human coaches support the AI application.

The video collection and other content in an online library helps individuals grasp advanced concepts. It learns and evolves with the customer, so they keep growing and improving.

GetMee is the pioneer AI technology tool created solely for improving individual communication skills in real time, both conversational and formal, as well as non-verbal communication nuances like hand shaking and giving eye contact.