Andersen Global enhances African platform with more coverage in Mali

Mark Vorsatz, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Andersen Global

Andersen Global adds complementary tax capabilities to its platform in Mali with collaborating firm Kanaga Consulting, reinforcing its commitment to provide comprehensive coverage.

Andersen Global offers operational expertise to new ally

Kanaga Consulting, founded in 2011, provides a broad range of tax, accounting and advisory services, including tax compliance, restructuring, managerial control, insurance and training.

Led by Managing Partner Somine Dolo, the Bamako-based firm works with clients such as companies, states, non-governmental organizations, multilateral organizations, development partners, and other stakeholders involved in the socio-economic development of West Africa.

“Our collaboration with Andersen Global illustrates our firm’s commitment to best-in-class service and further expands the depth of our practice,” Somine Dolo said.

“Our combined multidisciplinary expertise will allow us to maintain a competitive edge in the market and assist our customers’ strategic and operational needs in the process.”

Andersen Global gets market footprint from partnership

Andersen Global Chairman and CEO Mark Vorsatz said, “Kanaga Consulting’s commitment to extensive local knowledge bring immediate value to our footprint in the market.”

“Their (Kanaga Consulting) addition, along with our existing collaborating organisation in Mali, provides synergistic tax and legal services for clients operating throughout the country and region. This is yet another important building block for our expansion in Africa.”

Andersen Global is a global association of legally separate, independent member firms comprised of tax and legal professionals. Established in 2013 by U.S. member firm Andersen Tax LLC, Andersen Global now has more than 10,000 professionals worldwide and a presence in over 331 locations through its member firms and collaborating organisations.